We keep betting on everything made in Venezuela! Following the advancement of technology and innovation, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, CEO of CLX Group, presented to the world his avatar with Artificial Intelligence (AI), made by a team of Venezuelan engineers.

On this occasion, the CEO of the conglomerate business group, released the details from his Instagram account, where he made official this new communication tool, to convey the message of commitment CLX Group with the country.

At the same time, he highlighted how the creation of this Artificial Intelligence is an example of the potential of Venezuelans, as well as the capacity of experts to develop these technologies and overcome the paradigms of innovation in Venezuelan territory.

“As part of the impulse that we give from CLX Group to national talent, we could not miss the opportunity to innovate with this project that comes with a Venezuelan seal. This avatar with Artificial Intelligence will be able to keep me present in different scenarios in those moments that, as an entrepreneur, I keep myself in a constant occupation leading the growth of the business group. Being aware of this, I joined this innovation with the opportunity to be more present”, expressed Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.

Crossing boundaries

September began with a new milestone for CLX Group, with its CEO Nasar Dagga, giving an example of the momentum of new technologies in the country, in order to convey messages assertively through digital platforms with the new avatar with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The avatar will be part of the visual representation of the brand, designed in video format with the voice of the CEO of CLX Group, Nasar Dagga, which seeks to maintain constant communication with people. Among the functions that integrate this AI, is the particularity of being able to be programmed to speak in any language, and will be able to represent it virtually in any business occasion.

“The avatar is part of a useful communication tool, which is part of the official virtual representation as CEO and president of CLX Group, and the marketing team is already capable of handling business communication in this format,” added Nasar Ramadan Dagga.

CLX Group is innovation

As part of the official launch of the avatar, which was presented on Nasar Dagga’s Instagram account (@nasardagga), a first message from the corporation was issued as a sample of what this Artificial Intelligence can do, highlighting part of CLX Group’s trajectory and sharing part of the achievements, growth and innovation that as a business group has been cultivated after ten years in the technology market in Venezuela.

The leader of CLX Group assured that, with the inclusion of this technological tool, he hopes to satisfy the needs of the business conglomerate to communicate the advances and growth of the corporate in the country, which day by day continues in its goal to bring technological innovation to every corner of the country.

“We continue to bet on Venezuela and its people. The country’s human capital is one that makes us proud as Venezuelans,” concluded Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.