Samsung Electronic in its most recent launch in Latin America, brings with it a campaign that connects Bixby, its voice assistant, with millennials and generation Z in a different jargon.

Likewise, SAM, a virtual influencer of the company, with small content pills, explains in a simple way how to activate the main commands of the voice assistant.

SAM and Bixby for Latin America

This 2023 is a year of renewal and new proposals to make a more connected world; and it is precisely this concept that brings the Samsung Electronic campaign for Latin America.

SAM being then the avatar and virtual specialist that has conquered the hearts of Millennials and generation Z; and unveils the new bets of Bixby that can now connect in Brazilian Portuguese, as well as in Latin American Spanish.

The amazing thing for users is to have a connected experience with Samsung in their life. The voice commands of Samsung devices are fun, seeking to simplify the routine of users, making use of musical references, jokes and even words, with their own slang.

SAM features language functions and settings, smart home activations via connected devices, smartwatch or headset control, reminders for appointments or meetings.

In addition to teaching how to communicate with other people, take calls, write messages and other additional activities, allowing users to have support in most of their smartphone-associated activities.

Bixby arrives at Samsung Venezuela

In Venezuela, the experience of being connected through a spectacular voice assistant will be lived. CLX Samsung by the hand of its CEO, Nasar Dagga, has consolidated the technology sector in the country, and this will make the acceptance of these new proposals from Samsung Electronic more effective.

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