“It is not about living on appearances but about knowing how your presence can be the key to open new opportunities”, with this message began the presentation of the Venezuelan speaker Miguel Zambrano, who came with his presentation “If we feel what we say, they will listen to what we want” at the MultiMax Valencia headquarters on Wednesday July 19 and Thursday July 20.

The presentation was made in order to stimulate the talent of the teams that make up the conglomerate CLX Group, Multimax Store, Xio Store and CLX Samsung in the national territory, as expressed by the CEO, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

The tour began last March 2023, when Miguel Zambrano went to all MultiMax Store locations throughout the country, as the epicenter of the conference given to the CLX Group business group, in order to share with advisors and sales managers multiple strategies for effective communication and product promotion, in order to develop intrapersonal skills and customer service.

During his stop at the main headquarters of the Venezuelan multi-brand, located on Bolivar Norte Avenue in the capital of Carabobo, more than 220 employees received from the expert in public speaking and emotional communication, knowledge on body language and persuasion oriented to sales.

“Effective communication has a fundamental basis, you have to make what you say congruent with how you say it, and when we talk about sales it is proven that the most persuasive tone is the medium,” said Zambrano during the conference.

Among the key points and recommendations that the different work teams received from the trainer were the following: way of dressing, gestures and appearance, to be able to sell yourself as an individual in a better way to the rest of the people, always remembering that being authentic allows you to make a difference.

“Responsibility and commitment are born from within, which is why at CLX Group we encourage personal growth projects that motivate people to be better versions of themselves. With this presentation we hope to provide our team with new tools that help them grow as people, and allow them to generate opportunities in their daily lives,” said Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.

Nasar Ramadan Dagga also announced that the national training tour carried out with Zambrano through all the branches in the country, with the conference “If we feel what we say, they will listen to what we want”, culminates this Friday 28, at the headquarters of the multi-brand located in the Traki Shopping Center in the municipality of Guacara, Carabobo state.

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