The second edition of CLX Icons magazine arrived this Thursday, August 24, dazzling Venezuela with the latest trends, to highlight the icons that have marked a before and after in the world of fashion, trends, technology and much more.

Under the concept of “Iconic Night”, the second edition of the editorial product of the CLX Group was presented, under the initiative and impulse of its CEO, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad. Caracas was the city chosen to celebrate this glamorous event, which was held at the Lee Fusion Asian Restaurant Bar, located on Mohedano Avenue, in the municipality of Chacao, Miranda state.

CLX Icons second edition

“Back to CLX Icons, a second edition full of great stories, which will mark the most iconic of our protagonists. From CXL Group, we remain in the pursuit of innovation, to offer Venezuelans quality products, avant-garde and trend-setting in today’s lifestyle. In this edition, we are more than pleased with the result obtained, after months of hard work and dedication,” said Jineth Gonzalez, director of CLX Icons.

The Iconic Night

The great revelation of the second edition of CLX Icons, began around seven o’clock at night, in an event hosted by social communicator Luis Olavarrieta, who was in charge of unveiling before the national press and distinguished celebrities, the new face of the magazine, the acclaimed “queen of the stars” Scarlet Ortiz, in her return to Venezuela, after 10 years out of the country.

“It is an honor to have been invited to be the cover of the second edition of CLX Icons. I recently returned to Venezuela to reconnect with my Venezuelan audience by developing a production for streaming platforms. I am happy and pleasantly surprised to see the incredible return of the print publishing world in the country. I hope you enjoy living the experience of reading these pages and feel again that emotion that only a magazine can offer.” Scarlet Ortiz said excitedly.

CLX Icons second edition

The evening also featured the “Iconic Experience”, a tour inside the restaurant that took guests on a sensory experience through the tasting of LEE’s gastronomy in the rooms that represented different sections of the magazine such as: MundoIcons Travel, MundoIcons Gourmet, CLX Icons Fashion and CLX Icons Streaming.

Among the emblematic figures and special guests who accompanied the CLX Group, along with its CEO Nasar Dagga, were personalities such as the leading actor Javier Vidal, actress Julie Restifo, presenter Leonardo Villalobos, Rosangelica Piscitelli, Valentina Figuera, Adriana Peña, Karin Aridi, Adriana Marval, photographers José Mata and Samuel Bethancourt, Andreina Castro and many more.

CLX Icons second edition

CLX Icons, is part of the new commitment to Venezuela, highlighting the value of its talents as distinguished icons of the current era, who continue to set trends, leaving a mark on the world with a Venezuelan stamp. Inspiring all those who have made it possible to make a difference in the production of a magazine that shares more than a life experience.

In the second edition of CLX Icons magazine, you will find great spaces to connect from the experience of our icons. Highlighting the interviews to various Venezuelan icons, being an example of this, the public relations of major fashion houses in Venezuela, Aura Marina Hernandez; The illustrious midfielder Tomas Rincon, the designer Alejandro Fajardo, renowned creator of the dress designed especially for Maria Gabriela Isler, during Miss Universe 2013, and other prominent figures.

The invitation is for all Venezuelans who wish to enjoy this wonderful editorial work. They will be able to do so at the exclusive distribution points throughout Venezuela; among which our CLX Samsung and MultiMax Stores stand out, added Nasar Ramadan Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.

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