After two incredible reveals of the printed magazine CLX Icons in greater Caracas, the Venezuelan publisher returned to the city of Valencia for the launch of its most recent project, the new CLX Icons web portal, a digital page created for the dissemination of articles and informative content of the moment.

Under the title of ‘The Iconic Brunch‘, the first event of the year for the iconic magazine took place this Friday, January 19, at the Dining Room restaurant, located north of Valencia, Carabobo state.

Página web CLX Icons - The Iconic Brunch

The revelation of this great project is summarized in the consolidation of CLX Icons as an editorial product of the CLX Group business group, a company led by its CEO Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, venturing into the creation of electronic content related to fashion, trends, style, health And beauty.

“Almost a year after celebrating its first anniversary of publication, CLX Icons is expanding within digital platforms through its website, expanding its reach to reach more readers every day taking advantage of new digital technological tools. to keep people informed more immediately,” said Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.

Representatives of the national press attended the meeting with CLX Icons, along with great national celebrities and influencers such as: Rosangélica Piscitelli, Isabela Sotillo, Rocío Higuera, Gaby Pino, José Mata, Samuel Bethancourt and the renowned Venezuelan artist Isabela Alvarez, who had a central role in the launch campaign of the magazine’s web portal.

Página web CLX Icons - The Iconic Brunch

Platform available to Venezuelans

The event began with the presentation of the new CLX Icons page, with a presentation led by the renowned journalist Luis Olavarrieta and the television host Cinzia Francischiello, revealing the final video that closes the intrigue campaign of the business group’s most recent product.

The audiovisual features the unique style of the Carabobean illustrator Isaboleta, characterized by the simulation of the use of watercolors, crayon and chalk within her digital art, with a theme widely influenced by fashion and trends of the modern era.

Through this new portal for the dissemination of content, people will be able to learn about the latest trends and influences of the moment, discovering everything iconic that is happening in the world through its 6 categories: Fashion, Mundo Icons, Healthy&Beauty, Icontrends, Celebrities and Lo + Epic. On the page, users will also find the possibility of subscribing to its ‘newsletter’, to learn everything about the digital magazine, its events and news.

“The website is a platform that will allow us to reach a greater number of readers and provide them with current information more widely and quickly, from the device of their choice.” said Jineth González, director of CLX Icons magazine.

Página web CLX Icons -

Lifestyle Icons

As a complement to the launch of the website, CLX Icons also announced its most recent project and collaboration of the year, the CLX Icons 2024 Agenda by Isaboleta, the first item in the new ‘Icons Lifestyle’ product line, designed to organize and plan, prioritizing pending activities and delivery times.

From carefully designed pieces to unique collaborations, this is an invitation to immerse yourself in the very essence of CLX Icons, explained entrepreneur Nasar Dagga.

“Icons Lifestyle was born together with our website as a way to influence people’s daily lives. The new CLX Icons 2024 Agenda by Isaboleta is just the beginning of the great creations we are preparing, so stay tuned to our social networks and don’t forget to check the ‘lifestyle’ section of the CLX Icons portal,” said Jineth González, director of CLX Icons magazine.

The Iconic Brunch

Attendees of the event had the opportunity to receive the iconic notebook, thus beginning a creative ‘brunch’ with Cinzia Francischiello. After filling the moodboards inside each agenda with color with ribbons, markers and stickers, those present were surprised with a live illustration activity by Isaboleta, each receiving a portrait of the Valencian artist.

Stay tuned for all the current news, through and on Instagram and on all its social networks such as @CLX.Icons. “Read us and be part of the iconic.”