The most epic day came with CLX Samsung, Samsung’s Official Partner in Venezuela, presenting the evolution of the mobile experience revealed during Galaxy Unpacked 2024, the new line of Samsung Galaxy S24 smart phones.

In recent weeks, the world has learned about the South Korean company’s recent developments in Smart TV, audio equipment and home appliances, demonstrating that Artificial Intelligence can positively influence people’s lives, without being intrusive. , according to what was revealed during his conference at the “Consumer Electronics Fair”, CES 2024.

After months of waiting, the first most innovative event from Samsung Electronics arrives, revolutionizing the way of interacting and connecting around the world, showing the most recent advances in technology for ‘Smartphones’, under the slogan “Opening a New Era of Mobile AI”.

Bringing the latest information on the most innovative smartphone of the moment, CLX Samsung broadcast live the presentation of the new models of the Galaxy S Series, a powerful device that will enrich the experience of Venezuelans upon their arrival in the country, explained Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad president of the business group.

“As official Samsung distributors for more than 10 years, it is important for us to publicize the technology of the next equipment that will arrive in Venezuela. The Galaxy Unpacked is a crucial event for us, working hand in hand with our partner to always bring the best to Venezuelans,” said Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Samsung and CLX Group.

The New Era of Mobile AI

In the afternoon of this Wednesday, January 17, the consumer electronics giant Samsung released its new models Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24, the modern cell phones that will allow you to explore the limits of creativity thanks to its latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, forever changing the way these devices improve your life with Galaxy AI.

“Artificial Intelligence will cause a big change in the mobile industry and the way we live. We believe Samsung Galaxy will drive this change as mobile devices become the primary access point for AI,” said TM Roh, president and head of Samsung’s mobile division.

Together with its new AI, Samsung Galaxy will be an open gateway for safe and meaningful people-centered experiences, allowing them to unlock their potential and live the epics of everyday life in a more convenient, intuitive and never before seen way.

By implementing this new system natively in the S24 Ultra models, modern ‘Smartphones’ break the barriers of one of the vital functions of this type of device, communication; introducing new features that allow conversations to be improved almost 100% simultaneously, available in 14 different languages to date.

“The Galaxy S24 Ultra has the ability to translate calls in real time, regardless of the model of the device the receiver has, in addition, it works as a personal interpreter available at any time, managing to translate messages, texts and notes, or even perfect them. to adapt them to any situation,” said Carabobeño businessman Nasar Ramadan Dagga.

The new features are not just limited to human interaction, as they make it easier to transcribe, summarize and translate voice notes natively on the device.

Samsung x Google

The Galaxy S24 models mark a milestone in search history by becoming the first devices to feature ‘Circle to Search‘, making people’s lives easier thanks to a gesture-based system in collaboration with Google.

This incredible new tool gives users new ways to find useful, quality results, obtaining maximum precision in each search. Just research any content you want to learn more about and you will immediately find more information without the need to abandon what you are doing.

Additionally, depending on the user’s location, AI generative descriptions can provide useful information, in deep context collected from across the internet, allowing complex and nuanced questions to be answered.

Galaxy S24

With a slimmer and squarer design than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will come with 256GB internal storage up to 1 Terabyte and 12GB RAM. Its new screen maintains the QHD+ resolution, integrating a 6.8” flat panel with Corning® Gorilla® Armor, which has superior durability that protects the cell phone from damage and scratches that may occur during the day.

The S24 models are equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, in a version created especially for this series of ‘smart’ cell phones in order to improve their performance and compatibility with AI software, providing greater gaming, editing power. and use at maximum efficiency, enabling adaptive refresh rates of 1-120 Hz that increase and improve the fluidity of animations and transitions.

The innovative phone is also the first Galaxy S series designed with recycled steel and thermoplastic polyurethane. In its Ultra model, it is reinforced by a titanium frame that improves the durability and longevity of the device, sporting a range of colors that starts in titanium gray, titanium black, titanium violet and ends with titanium yellow. On the other hand, the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 include the colors: onyx black, marble gray, cobalt violet and amber yellow.

Lens and superior AI editing

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra model is positioned as one of the strongest points of this product, which, combined with its latest generation processor, allows a superior stabilization system. This feature comes thanks to the ProVisual Engine, a set of tools powered by Artificial Intelligence to “maximize creative freedom every step of the way,” explained CLX Samsung President Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

The cell phone has a 200Mp main lens, which is added to its other four cameras to provide an unmatched audiovisual experience when taking photographs and capturing special moments on video. Its other lenses include a 12MP ultra-wide angle, a 10x optical zoom with 10 MP and a 5x optical zoom lens with 50 MP and the 12 MP front one.

In addition, its most notable features, which are among the new editing tools powered by Galaxy AI, is the possibility of deleting elements on the screen, recomposing and remastering your creations, being able to complete parts of the background of an image through the generation of the edges with Artificial Intelligence, adjust the position of a person, or even magnify an image.

CLX Samsung 

For more than 10 years, CLX Samsung continues to bet on the greatest innovations in the world, together with its ally Samsung Electronics, offering the maximum technological experience in smart phones and devices, audio equipment, appliances and household items, driven the Venezuelan market with the technology it deserves.

Discover the latest Samsung advances coming to Venezuela through the official CLX Samsung portal,, as well as on social networks through the user @clx_latin, with daily publications about the company’s best promotions and unmissable events. South Korean leader in consumer electronics.

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