CrediMax expands its horizons to benefit more Venezuelans with the new and incredible interest-free installment purchasing experience, available exclusively in Multimax Store stores, as announced by Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, president of the largest multibrand in the country.

Now just by being registered in the PriorityMax system, you have your guaranteed quota of $200 to make your purchases in any of the 22 participating Multimax Store stores, valid starting this Monday, March 18, with a deadline until Thursday, March 21 . With CrediMax you will only have to pay an initial amount corresponding to 40% of the item, and the rest of the payments will be made in six comfortable biweekly installments.

In addition, and because you requested it, CrediMax is available to all PriorityMax users from the moment of registration, with the possibility of joining any of our 41 branches nationwide and, in just five minutes, going to the sales floor to access the best innovation and quality on the market.

“We continue to promote the technological development of Venezuela, creating new methods and forms of payment so that our customers can purchase their favorite products at a special price, becoming more accessible, without having an impact on their pocket or generating any type of interest,” said Nasar Dagga, CEO of the conglomerate CLX Group and CLX Samsung.


CrediMax available in 22 MultiMax Store stores

The largest multi-brand in the country expands its vision of bringing a better shopping experience to all its customers nationwide, this time bringing CrediMax the new product with which you can buy in easy installments and without interest, now available in 22 stores in the main cities of Venezuela.

You can use your Credimax quota at the following Multimax Store locations: Lechería (Anzoátegui), San Fernando de Apure (Apure), CC Global Maracay and Cagua (Aragua); Barinas, Puerto Ordaz and Ciudad Bolívar (Bolívar), Sambil La Candelaria (Caracas), Coro (Falcón), Sambil Barquisimeto (Lara), Mérida and El Vigía (Mérida), Guatire (Miranda), Maturín (Monagas) CC Costazul Margarita ( Nueva Esparta), Guanare (Portuguesa), Cumaná (Sucre), Valera (Trujillo) Av. Bolívar, Valencia (Carabobo), Cabimas and La Clean (Zulia.)

What can you get

Refrigerators, refrigerators, televisions, screens, washing machines, kitchens, air conditioners, perfumery, shoes and everything you need to equip your home can be found at Multimax Store, and now, thanks to CrediMax you will have the opportunity to take home the best in products from the more than 400 brands that are part of the largest multi-brand in the country.

On this occasion, CrediMax beneficiaries will be able to access new brands that come to offer their best technology at a preferential price; among which are some of the most popular within MultiMax Store openings and special events, such as: CLX, Oster, Condesa, Kucce, Premier, Magnavox and Daewoo Lux.

From the iconic Smart Full HD CLX 50″ TV to the 8-foot TOP Mount refrigerator from GPLUS, some of the best options you can get starting this Monday are the Smart 32” HD Frameless from Magnavox, the air fryer from Daewoo, different models of air conditioners from the Countess brand, as well as semi-automatic washing machines and washing machines and many more surprises, announced Nasar Ramadan Dagga, president of MultiMax Store.

How does PriorityMax work?

CrediMax is the new exclusive product for members of the PriorityMax system. Among the benefits associated with this affiliate network are the possibility of obtaining discounts and promotions that are not available to regular customers, priority access to stores during special multi-brand events, an exclusive express checkout and much more.

After registering in any of the Multimax Store stores, you will be able to access this service in all our branches around Venezuela. You will also gain access to an exclusive user where you will be able to report your payments and verify the status of your account through the page, where you will find all the information you need at the moment.

The best brands in one place!

Multimax Store is the favorite multi-brand store of Venezuelans throughout the country, bringing its unmatched shopping experience and the best quality in technology and innovation to every corner of the national territory for more than four years, following the growth vision of its CEO, Nasar. Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

Discover everything that MultiMax has prepared for you through its official portal:, where you will find the catalog of offers available in its virtual store. Also visit the multibrand’s social networks such as @Multimax_Store on all its social networks, with information on the latest news and promotions at all times.