Lovers of video games and geek culture experienced two days of excitement last weekend with the Expo Gamer Generation CLX Group edition, a technological and entertainment event that was attended by more than 3 thousand people, who enjoyed the largest gamer arena in Venezuela, installed in the spaces of the Hesperia WTC Valencia hotel.

The event was marked by different PVP tournaments of the most popular games of the moment, in the 1 vs. 1 and team modes, with the Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor as the protagonist of both days, thanks to the vision of CLX Group CEO, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, to promote the development of technology in the country, offering the latest in innovation to the Venezuelan market.

Expo Gamer Generation CLX edition

In addition to the E-Sports tournaments, attendees were able to compete in games such as League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, Ultimate and Tekken 7, among others. Participants played board games and enjoyed cosplayer catwalks, band presentations and the visit of renowned dubbing artists, youtubers and much more.

Those present were able to enjoy the participation of the renowned interpreter and director Eduardo “Lalo” Garza, voice of the emblematic characters Krilin from Dragon Ball Z, Elmo from Sesame Street; Josh Nichols from Drake and Josh, Shrek 2, Francis Wilkerson from Malcom and Xander from La Casa de Los Dibujos; among others.Another international star present was Rene Garcia, who played the emblematic characters: Neo from The Matrix, John Wick; Hermes Conrad from Futurama and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

Expo Gamer Generation CLX edition

“We are happy to be able to offer this type of initiatives, thanks to the important alliances that we have been making from CLX Group, which allow us to bring the best of technology and innovation to all Venezuelans, as in this case we were able to prepare an arena with a total of 14 Samsung Odyssey Ark monitors, for the enjoyment of all lovers of the gamer world,” said Nasar Dagga.

CLX Experience

As part of the technological event, CLX Group surprised again with a new experience, this time the young Santiago Gutierrez, a native of the municipality of San Diego, became the winner of an Odyssey Ark monitor, thanks to a contest held in the social networks of @clx_latin, official Partner of Samsung in Venezuela.

To participate, contestants had to locate the event post and leave a comment with their favorite game along with the name of a friend, as well as follow the @clx_latin @nasardagga and accounts.

Expo Gamer Generation CLX edition

In addition to the monitor, Gutierrez was able to enjoy the two days of the event in a full VIP experience, which included staying at the Hesperia WTC Valencia hotel, enjoying all the attractions of the event and meeting in person the special guests of this edition of the exhibition.

“I want to thank the CLX Group family for giving me this experience, they have treated me super incredible these two days that I have been here hosting, they have introduced me to new technologies that I had not experienced before, that I had not used, I think it’s amazing,” said Gutierrez.

Experiences that last

Great memories have been lived during the first four CLX Experiences of this year 2023, which included the participation of great artists such as Melendi, Sin bandera, Karina and Lasso. This project seeks to offer Venezuelans the opportunity to live a VIP experience of the highest level, according to the vision of the president of CLX Group, Nasar Ramadan Dagga.

“Once again, we are proud to bring the CLX Experience closer to Venezuelans, this time in an event to which we have put so much effort as is the Expo Gamer Generation CLX Group edition, which has allowed us to innovate in the events of the gamer category in the country with the best technology in the world thanks to our alliances with Samsung, in order to change the way people connect in Venezuela,” said Nasar Dagga Mujamad.

He also stressed that CLX Group will continue to support the technological growth of the country, in order to bring to the country the latest innovations from around the world, for the enjoyment of consumers.