An iconic night was experienced in the city of Caracas, with the presentation of the fourth edition of CLX Icons magazine, highlighting the talent of our Venezuelan icons with the revelation of the renowned actor José Ramón Barreto as the first male cover of the publishing house.

With more pages full of variety, CLX Group’s editorial product, an initiative of its CEO Nasar Ramadan Dagga, is renewed with new exclusive interviews on topics related to fashion, travel, gastronomy, health and more; also celebrating the arrival of its first anniversary since its release on the national market.

Cuarta edición de CLX Icons

The meeting with the icons took place on the exclusive terrace of a prominent Japanese fusion restaurant located in Las Mercedes, before the imposing night view of Ávila, surrounded by prominent allies, guest influencers and important personalities of the country, such as Sixto Rein, the beauty queen Diana Silva, cover of the third edition of CLX Icons, Anmarie Camacho, Andreina Castro, Juan Pablo Galavis as well as the national press.

The event featured presenters Luis Olavarrieta and Rocío Higuera, who were in charge of conducting the event and projecting an exciting audiovisual that narrated the meaning behind being an actor and the CLX Icons cover for José Ramón Barreto.

Cuarta edición de CLX Icons

“As a representative of the business group, it is an honor for me to present the fourth edition of CLX Icons magazine, which arrives to mark a new milestone in a 2024 full of changes for our publishing house. An example of the surprising evolution of our medium was the creation of the website,, which we announced in January. This is how today, at CLX Icons, we recognize the work of José Ramon Barreto, an incredible actor of this new generation who is triumphing outside the country, leaving the name of Venezuela very high,” said Nasar Dagga, leader of the business group.

Cuarta edición de CLX Icons

Celebrating national talent

Under a cinematic concept, the fourth edition of CLX Icons captures the spirit of those who are setting the standard in various industries. Among its pages, you can find the profiles of prominent Venezuelan entrepreneurs and creatives who are leaving their mark on a global level.

“CLX Icons is a tribute to our vibrant culture and a showcase of our talent in the global arena. Every article and interview in our magazine is designed to highlight the dedication, ingenuity and passion of Venezuelans. Also, I want to thank José Ramón for doing us the honor of starring in our fourth edition and our first male cover,” highlighted Jineth González, director of CLX Icons.

Highlighting some of the iconic figures of our country, in the fashion section you will find articles about the creative Yliana Yepez, who has managed to position her brand in New York during the last decade, as well as Clarissa Egaña, founder of Port De Bras, who was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the 75 Latina women to follow in 2024.

On the music front, CLX Icons presented “19 Questions” with singer-songwriter Sixto Rein, offering readers an exclusive look at his career and influence. Regarding business profiles, figures such as Vicente Zavarce, the innovator behind Yummy, and Sang Jik Lee, president of Samsung for Central America and the Caribbean, shared their business visions and strategies.

Through ‘Mundo Icons’, Isaías Landaeta takes us on a journey, sharing his experiences and the inspiration he finds in each new destination. In ‘Gourmet’, Cordero stands out as a Venezuelan restaurant that is making waves on the international gastronomic scene, managing to receive the ‘American Express One To Watch 2023’ award as part of ‘Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants’; distinction that not only reflects the excellence and innovation of Cordero, but also the gastronomic potential of the region.

A year of milestones for CLX ICONS

Just one year since its founding, the arrival of 2024 has represented for CLX Icons the fulfillment of several important milestones, which continue with the inclusion of its first male cover, with José Ramon Barreto being the Venezuelan with the most presence and film productions within the Netflix platform.

For the iconic magazine, the month of January was framed by the launch of its website,, as well as its new lifestyle line, ‘Icons Lifestyle’, inaugurated with an incredible collaboration with the artist Isabela Álvarez : the CLX Icons 2024 Agenda by Isaboleta.

With this fourth edition, CLX Icons strengthens its commitment to offering a deeper and more diverse look at the heart of our national identity, immersing itself in those success stories that are born every day from Venezuela.

You can find this editorial product through the most exclusive distribution points in the country, among which the CLX Samsung and Multimax Store stores stand out nationwide, highlighted Nasar Ramadan Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.

Stay up to date with the latest in fashion, trends and the world of entertainment through the website,, as well as on social networks such as @CLX.Icons. Read us and be part of the iconic.