In this new episode of D’ Mente Positivo, a programme broadcast on the YouTube channel of the communicator Ismael Cala, the businessman Nasar Dagga, president of the CLX Group in Venezuela, was a special guest.

In a remote interview, I had the pleasure of being part of the history of the D’ Mente Positivo programme hosted by the communicator Ismael Cala, whom I deeply admire and respect, because as a professional he gives a voice to all the people who have done their bit to make the world a better place.

Ismael Cala has been part of that window to give one more grain of sand so that Venezuela is in the eye of the positive side, in the investment of other entrepreneurs in the country. That is why I share the important moments of the interview with Ismael Cala.

Interview with Ismael Cala

As an entrepreneur, I share the story that saw the birth of a Nasar Dagga, who beyond being an entrepreneur today, is that human part that lives like any other Venezuelan in search of achieving and materialising his dreams.

Ismael Cala: How did you become the president of CLX Group, an important business group in the country? This group, made up of CLX Samsung, Xio Latin and MultiMax Store, leads the Venezuelan market today.

Trial and error for success

My parents fled the war in Palestine in the 1950s, arrived in Venezuela and set up their family base specifically in the city of Morón, Carabobo state.

The Dagga family, in spite of all the situation in their country of origin, managed to open a family business in the same city of Morón, Puerto Cabello; opening the way to a new economy in the country.

Nine Dagga brothers and sisters set themselves the task of moving forward, after they lost their father, who had died at a very young age. This fact led us to look for alternatives to put down strong roots in the country where we were born.

“I believe that the key to success is to be constant and persevering, unquestionably this format of shops which we had approximately two years inviting each of the big brands to understand the Venezuelan market with all its weaknesses and all its mistakes; to understand the Venezuelan consumer format and to the glory of God it is a format adapted to the Venezuelan economy which has been a great success” expresses Nasar Dagga, president of CLX Group.

Exponential growth

CLX was born in 2013, years later expanded its business vision to CLX Group in 2020, a group of 46 shops.

He also presides over the largest multi-brand store in Venezuela, MultiMax Store, and is the official distributor of many nationally and internationally recognised brands.

“The key to success, in my opinion, is perseverance, perseverance, understanding how the economy is managed in the country, understanding that this is an issue beyond that, a commitment that I have as a Venezuelan, a commitment that I have with each and every one of the workers who are part of the great family of the CLX group, which today totals almost three thousand people. It is the commitment that we believe that Venezuela must move forward with the effort of each one of us, from the housewife to the doctor, from a mechanic to a worker, I believe that each one of us has to stand up every day and do our part to make our country a better country every day”, CEO of CLX Group, Nasar Dagga.

Enjoy the full interview with Venezuelan businessman Nasar Dagga by communicator Ismael Cala.

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