The best of Japanese technology arrives at MultiMax Store! From now on JVC Android TVs can be found in the 37 stores nationwide of the largest multi-brand in Venezuela, MultiMax Store; this range of JVC products offer a high quality audiovisual experience in the digital age.

The latest in Japanese technology available in Venezuela, with 4K technology, QLED screens and official Android TV platform; providing all Venezuelans with innovation, versatility and performance; ideal for all fans and technology enthusiasts.

“We continue to bet on cutting-edge technology to offer the best in audiovisual quality and performance to all Venezuelans,” said Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, CEO of CLX Group, president of MultiMax Store.

All Venezuelans will be able to access through the multi-brand, a better technological experience with JVC TVs; which stand out for their integration with Android TV, access to various online entertainment applications, such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Star+ and many more.

In addition, the TV is compatible with Google Assistant, allowing you to control the TV with voice commands, making it the smart entertainment center of your home.

“The innovation and versatility offered by JVC Android TVs is part of the 90-year track record and experience in the market, which makes it a distinguished brand, and recognized as the first Japanese company to manufacture a TV,” said Nasar Dagga, CEO of MultiMax Store and CLX Group.

Emphasizing that the multi-brand of Venezuela, has the exclusivity of these equipments, which enjoy the highest levels of quality.

Exceptional image quality with 4K technology and QLED displays

The range of JVC televisions, offer a product of last generation; in addition, it has an incredible display of colors, shades and brightness; thus taking a maximum expression of image to a new domain, where one of the slogans of the Japanese brand itself is present, “A future with more action and a screen without borders”.

Highlighting that JVC TVs, thanks to its 4K technology and QLED screens, offer a superior image quality to other devices on the market. Its long history and evolution of nine decades in the market, make Japanese technology more reliable.

In every audiovisual scene you can enjoy a 4K resolution, full of more vivid colors, where each scene is shown with greater sharpness and realism. QLED displays further enhance the resolution of colors and contrast, always having one of the exceptional visual experiences.

Take advantage of all the benefits of Japanese technology in JVC Android TVs, available exclusively in all MultiMax Store stores, learn more at and be the first to find out about the new promotions of the largest multi-brand in Venezuela.

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