Now the 25th store under a new concept! MultiMax Store added in Carabobo its recent format called “MultiMax Express” from the Valencia Business Center and with its firm purpose of reaching more corners of the country for the well-being of Venezuelans. The national multi-brand surprised the people of Carabobo with high-impact promotions that fit their clients’ budgets, thanks to the vision of the entire team headed by Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

Almost three years after taking its first steps, MultiMax presented its express concept in the state in which it was born and with the great receptivity of the people of Carabobo who gathered during the opening day. Currently the multi-brand has 25 stores in the national territory and is prepared to follow this concept towards Greater Caracas.

“What a joy to present MultiMax Express in my land and the state where it all began. We add this new concept in two states of the country to be even closer to you. Carabobo receives the first, followed by our Gran Caracas as the second stop on the agenda”, were the words of Nasar Dagga.

MultiMax Express Carabobo - Nasar Dagga - Nasar Ramadan Dagga - Presidente de CLX

MultiMax Express offered Carabobeños a large window of products with the most relevant brands in the national and international market. Customers took full advantage of this new concept with discounts on more than 200 brands on display, including Samsung, Condesa, Frigilux, Kucce, Omega, LG, Xiaomi, Brentwood, Hamilton Beach, Cyberlux, Royal and Oster.

Venezuelans continue to count on innovative store concepts from the MultiMax Store, after promoting commercial development in a large number of cities in the country and, in turn, offering new sources of employment for the Venezuelan economy, with more than 2,800 people They form the CLX Group, a business group where the aforementioned multi-brand is located.

MultiMax Express Carabobo - Nasar Dagga - Nasar Ramadan Dagga - Presidente de CLX

Those present took advantage of the opening meeting to share with various personalities from the multi-brand, such as Luis Olavarrieta, Anmarie Camacho, Adriana Peña, Andreina Castro, Adrián Lara and José Andrés Padrón.

In a family atmosphere, the first hours of this great event began, which brought together a significant number of new clients. Those present enjoyed not only the purchase of their favorite equipment, but also spaces dedicated to their entertainment during the opening event, in the company of Alta Tension of La Mega Valencia and the staff of Radio América.

Among the activities was the traditional Selective Tasting by the Kucce team, with the presentation of its stellar Air Fryer Oven product and its delicious homemade pizzas. They also presented a fun dynamic for their customers, with cups and smart watches as gifts during the inaugural event.

MultiMax Express Carabobo - Nasar Dagga - Nasar Ramadan Dagga - Presidente de CLX

For its part, Condesa presented its new line of 18-kilo round washing machines (the popular Chaca-Chaca), with a 20-minute programming timer, gravity drainage, easy-to-transfer wheels and 4 washing programs.

Carabobo has 3 MultiMax Stores after the arrival of this new express concept. Valencia was the first city to receive the multi-brand and the starting point for its expansion throughout Venezuela since 2019. A proposal that was born to present in one place the best brands in appliances and electronics, currently being the main reference for Venezuelan families.


“Our bet is based on a direct expansion throughout Venezuela. This continues to grow thanks to the work of a great team of people who accompany me; the will of our valuable staff is the main architect for the expansion of a multi-brand designed for all Venezuelans”, said the president of MultiMax Store, Nasar Dagga.

For more details on the upcoming openings and special activities of MultiMax, you can follow the Instagram account @multimax_store and be part of this super multi-brand.

The best brands continue to arrive throughout Venezuela in 1 single place!

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