The inaugurations of the largest multi-brand in Venezuela are back! With more than 1,500 square meters of display, Punto Fijo is preparing to welcome with open arms the new branch of Multimax Store Paraguaná, which will arrive this May with unmissable offers and the incredible CrediMax special day, for purchases by installments, without interests.

The event with the greatest innovation on the market will begin next Friday, May 17, in the modern location located on Colombia Street in Punto Fijo, Falcón state (between Zamora and Altagracia streets). The opening offers will continue all weekend until Sunday, May 19.

Multimax Store arrives in the state of Falcón with the help of its CEO, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, as part of its vision of growth and expansion of technology throughout the national territory, together with the more than 400 brands that are part of the most multi-brand big of the country.

“The best appliances, household items, and footwear of the highest quality, you will find them in our new Multimax Store Paraguaná branch, so that they can take home the innovation that all Venezuelans deserve at promotional prices. See you this Friday,” said Nasar Dagga, leader of the CLX business group.

To learn more details about the different options, surprises and offers available during the Multimax Store opening promo in the state of Falcón, visit the official portal; also its social networks, @multimax_store, on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the X platform, where you will find the most up-to-date information on the multi-brand at the moment.

CrediMax arrives for the first time at MultiMax Paraguaná

As part of the news announced for the inauguration of the new headquarters in the “Windy City”, MultiMax will enable an exclusive CREDIMAX day for users affiliated with the PriorityMax network who attend the store during the three opening days, making the most of your purchases with this unique financing plan in the country.

If you want to belong to the PriorityMax members club and you do not have a membership, you can request your registration at any of the Multimax Store branches distributed nationwide, to enjoy great benefits from the first moment such as: priority access to stores during special events and inaugurations, a preferential service box, exclusive discounts.

Those PriorityMax users who have already used their quota previously and have an outstanding debt must cancel 100% of their financing plan to be able to enjoy an increase on their next purchase. Multimax Store rewards your loyalty, if you made a prompt payment before the first 45 days, you will be able to access an incredible increase of up to $260 in your CrediMax limit. While, with the timely payment of the fees, the increase will be $230.

To access this privilege, you only need to pay at checkout from 40% of the value of your favorite items. You can make the rest of the payments in 6 easy installments through the payment platform for Multimax Store VIP members.

Live the Multimax experience

Many surprises await you at the inauguration of the new MultiMax Store Paraguaná headquarters! During the next three days, you will enjoy the best discounts, unmissable promotions, special guests, raffles and everything that the largest multi-brand in Venezuela has prepared for you.

During the event, you will be able to share unforgettable moments with the most viewed influencers on national television and with the largest number of followers on social networks. The invited personalities for Friday will be: María Gabriela Rico, Anmarie Camacho, Luis Olavarrieta, Aigil Gómez, Andreina Castro, as well as the renowned presenter Leonardo Villalobos. While, on Saturday, the following will visit the MultiMax Paraguaná branch: José Andrés Padrón, Isabella Rodríguez, Dariana Alvarado, Karlis Romero, Adriana Marval, Adriana Peña and Sabrina Veris.

Among the experiences that you won’t want to miss, the remembered MultiMax Prize Cyclone returns, in collaboration with Kucce, where you can win incredible prizes on brand products. Likewise, the opening event will feature live entertainment, music, tastings, as well as special activities so you can have an extraordinary evening.

In this sense, Carabobeño businessman Nasar Ramadan Dagga took advantage of the occasion to invite Venezuelans to spend a different day, taking advantage of the incredible offers on technology and the latest innovation in cutting-edge equipment.

The best brands in one place!

For four years, Multimax Store continues to offer the highest quality products so that you can find everything you need in your home at incomparable prices and in one place, brought to you by the largest national and international brands from around the world.

Find out about everything new that came to the Venezuelan multibrand through its official portal, Don’t forget to visit their social networks like @multimax_store, where the best offers, promotions and news from Multimax Store in Venezuela are published every day.

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