The Great Caracas received with great joy and excitement its seventh Multimax Store! Hundreds of people gathered at the new branch of the largest multi-brand store in Venezuela; the 41st store is located at Intercomunal La Trinidad Avenue, Traki Shopping Center, El Cigarral sector, El Hatillo municipality.

The novel shopping experience offered by Multimax Store returned to the country’s capital under the expansion vision of its CEO Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad; as part of its commitment to bring to every Venezuelan home innovative, high quality and technologically advanced products.

“We are back in La Gran Caracas, to offer all Venezuelans the best promotions and appliances in the market; reaching new places every day, motivated by the commitment to reach every corner of the country. We thank the inhabitants of El Cigarral for this warm welcome, and the allied brands that accompanied us during the inauguration,” said Nasar Ramadan Dagga, president of Multimax Store and CLX Group.

Those present on this first day of the event were able to enjoy 2800 m2 of exhibition, loaded with unmissable special offers brought by the more than 400 companies that make life in this consortium, such as: CLX, JVC, Samsung, Omega, LG, Condesa, Frigilux, Xiaomi, Westinghouse, GPlus, Omega Electronics, Kucce, Nespresso, Challenger, Black + Decker, Frigidaire; among many others.

In this sense, Nasar Dagga, president of the multi-brand invited Venezuelans to join this extended celebration, which will continue for the next four days until Sunday, November 19. Those interested in knowing more details about the discounts in force for the opening can visit the multi-brand’s website,

Caracas lives the Multimax Store experience

Incredible surprises came to stay during the opening day of the country’s largest multi-brand store, with new raffles, tastings and contests prepared by the Multimax Store family to commemorate its 41st store nationwide.

On this occasion, the people of Caracas were able to enjoy the beginning of the multi-brand’s Christmas celebrations at the new MultiMax Store El Cigarral, during a celebration in style with the best gaita of the Figa group, belonging to the Intercollegiate Festival of Gaitas and Art, captivating the audience with a magnificent live performance that highlighted the Venezuelan culture and traditions in a familiar, pleasant and safe space.

As part of the guest stars and celebrities who performed this Thursday, Karlis Romero, Anmarie Camacho, Leonardo Villalobos, José Andrés Padrón, María Gabriela Rico, Mario Bruno, Dariana Alvarado and Isabela Rodríguez attended, sharing unique experiences with the inhabitants of the City of Eternal Spring. On Friday, Adriana Peña, José Ramón Barreto, Fernanda Zabian, Cinzia Francischiello and Endrina Yépes are scheduled to visit the multi-brand branch.

For their part, members of the exclusive Priority Max service had the privilege of enjoying unique discounts and preferential VIP treatment during the inaugural event, thanks to the benefits obtained by members of this select group, said the CEO of CLX Group, Nasar Dagga.

The best brands, only one place

With more than four years in Venezuela, Multimax Store is a leader in the distribution of the best technology and innovation throughout the region, driving the domestic market with the best international brands through its unparalleled shopping experience. Among its most recent additions, the Venezuelan multi-brand arrived in Los Teques, Valera and Morón with its 38th, 39th and 40th stores, consolidating its presence in 18 states of the country.

Those who wish to know more details about future openings and weekly promotions of Multimax Store, can enter through the web portal: or on social networks like @multimax_store, where weekly discounts and special activities that the Multimax team has for you are published daily.