Promoting the talent of young Venezuelans! The CLX Foundation and the Marcet Foundation sports clinic join together to add to football and sports in Venezuela, with new technologies in learning techniques; under the vision of the Carabobeño businessman, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, CEO of CLX Group, the conglomerate that is the official sponsor of the event.

More than 200 children and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 18 gathered for this activity; where technique, discipline and healthy competition were the protagonists of the professional training of the Spanish Marcet Football University academy.

This is an experience that came to the state of Carabobo as part of a joint work between Nasar Dagga, president of CLX, and Marcet Francisco, representative of the Marcet Foundation, with the aim of developing the knowledge and skills of the new generations, as well as encouraging value of effort and constant practice through this discipline to reach new frontiers.

“The future of our children and adolescents is forged through discipline and courage, providing them with the necessary tools so that during their growth and development they can become extraordinary people in adult life. From CLX Group, through the CLX Foundation, we seek encourage and motivate young people to achieve their goals with determination, vision and perseverance,” said Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.

The extended event took place at the Liceo Camoruco, located in Mañongo, Naguanagua municipality, from November 20 to 25, where the young apprentices came to reinforce their talents alongside the team of professional soccer players from Marcet Football University, led by their two Spanish coaches, brought to the country, to carry out this sporting activity. Highlighting that the 6 most outstanding players received a scholarship to train with the academy in its in-person and virtual modalities.

CLX Group, official sponsor of the Marcet Foundation

The delivery of the Sports Clinic Kits carried out by the Marcet Foundation took place on Sunday, November 19; at which time the attendees, accompanied by their parents or representatives, received their uniforms alluding to the academy before the start of official activities the next day.

Training began at 1:30 p.m. for the first group of young people, who were separated according to their age in order to transmit general knowledge and concepts about high-performance soccer. After finishing classes, it was the turn of the second group, who were there from 4:00 p.m. until the end of the day at 6:15 p.m.

For approximately two hours of the following five days, the children were able to play and have fun with the practices established by the coaches, who evaluated their strengths to work on their strengths during the sports program, studying with the curriculum: Profiles and basic technique , gifts, transfers and duels; transitions, possession, pressure mechanism and conservations. Ending on Friday with a fun competition before the last meeting on Saturday, where the certificates were presented to the participants.

After finishing the sports clinic, the lucky young people received their sports scholarships to train alongside the Marcet Football University technical team in Barcelona. The first place was assigned by the Marcet Foundation, while five were promoted through the CLX Foundation, promoting the talent of Venezuelan children and adolescents through two in-person scholarships directly at the Spanish academy, located in Barcelona; also granting three scholarships for remote counseling and follow-up virtually.

Commitment to Venezuela

CLX Foundation, together with Nasar Ramadan Dagga, CEO of CLX Group, remains committed to technological advancement and innovation, as well as the development of culture, sports and entertainment; generating positive experiences through windows of opportunity and promoting useful values for society.

In this sense, Nasar Dagga stated that being part of these positive and growing experiences for Venezuelans is something that identifies the entire corporate, and that, as a brand, they will continue working to offer the best and connect with the fans through projects that allow the great talent of Venezuelans to be highlighted; Adding that very soon the Marcet Foundation will return to Venezuela again, with the help of CLX Group.

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