Thanks to the alliance between both brands, MultiMax presents a super special promotion during the Reopening of Traki in La Victoria. The best-positioned multi-brand in the country continues its promotional schedule in several cities in the country and this time with the help of one of its allies in the country, backed by its CEO Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

Starting this weekend, Victorians will be able to take advantage of each of the promotions in the entire range of products that the multi-brand presents, which they will be able to locate through the Instagram account @multimax_store.

Since its inception, MultiMax has strengthened ties with allies that are important for its growth, but mainly to offer the variety that Venezuelan consumers deserve.

“I have always thought that alliances make us grow together as a country, that means that more Venezuelans have more opportunities at this time. Especially for the benefit of Venezuelans of being closer to the multi-brand and being part of each of our promotions”, highlighted Nasar Dagga.

Traki will give attendees a series of musical presentations as part of its reopening, led by Luis Silva, Scarlett Linares, Orquesta Chuchu, Grupo Focus and Wisam.

The appointment is from this Friday, February 18 at the Morichal Shopping Center.

MultiMax, the best brands in one place! Hermanos Dagga

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