With more than 3 thousand square meters of exhibition, the Aragüeños made themselves felt during the first days of the Reopening Promo by MultiMax Maracay from the Global Shopping Center on Avenida Bolívar and by the hand of its CEO Nasar Dagga along with his entire team. of work.

MultiMax Maracay presented its new spaces within the framework of a special promotion, where customers felt in an environment with greater comfort and modernity under the store concept that the multi-brand has presented throughout Venezuela, along with promotions for Reopening that will last until this Sunday March 13 in Maracayera land.

Customers from Aragón were delighted with the extensive range of products that the national multi-brand has, where equipment reigns with the latest technology from the brands with the greatest demand in the country, such as Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Frigilux, Aiwa, NTS Store (Black+Decker , Oster and Kucce), Condesa, CLX, among others.

“The challenges continue for all this great family that grows throughout Venezuela. The country is our north as a multi-brand, not only with openings but also with the renovation of our spaces in the 18 MultiMax, and that in a few months we reached the 20 adding more Venezuelans to a business group that believes in our talent”, were the words of Nasar Ramadan Dagga, president of the national multi-brand.

Among the novelties of the headquarters in Maracay, is the incorporation of more spaces, products of the different brands; exhibits and a new lighting stage for greater comfort of all its clientele.

In September 2020, MultiMax Maracay opened its doors with more than 5,000 people who gathered at the Global Shopping Center (Avenida Bolívar), for 4 days of promotions for its inauguration and to date, Aragüeños continue to bring home products from the multi-brand

Nasar Dagga: “The expansion of the multi-brand continues”

The expansion of MultiMax remains the main objective of the multi-brand in our country thanks to the vision of its CEO Nasar Dagga since 2019, with the purpose of maintaining the well-being of each client in difficult times hand in hand with real alternatives that fit the pocket of all Venezuelans.

“Inaugurations and renovations go hand in hand with all the projects we have for MultiMax, because every month we set ourselves more goals for our clients with all the ideas of the great team that accompanies me and that we care about Venezuelans on a daily basis. that continue to identify with multi-brand”, added the Venezuelan businessman.

The Venezuelan multibrand maintains its platform of attention and service to other cities; currently with 18 stores in the country and waiting for more stops in Venezuela.

Valencia, Maracay, Barquisimeto, Maturín, Caracas, Lechería, Margarita, Maracaibo, Punto Fijo, Apure, Barinas, Cumaná, Guacara; La Victoria, Puerto La Cruz and San Cristóbal have become the stops of this great family; which began its journey in October 2019 and that in a few days will arrive in Cabimas with the third store in the state of Zulia.

For more details you can follow the Instagram account @multimax_store.

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