Nasar Dagga and MultiMax a new commitment to innovation

Nasar Dagga and MultiMax

After four years of trajectory Nasar Dagga and MultiMax Store are consolidated in the new multi-brand concept, where it has become the favorite of Venezuelans, bringing the best technology in the country.

MultiMax Store, is part of the materialization of the vision and business leadership of Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, and of course, his commitment to Venezuela and its people, to offer not only a great product and / or service, but to prioritize their needs as a push to make a real change in the country.

“As CEO of MultiMax Store, and CEO of CLX Group, the commitment is with Venezuela and its people, to bring them the best in technology through this multi-brand store format. Where more and more cities have access to them in a closer way, expanding the shopping options for all Venezuelans”. Nasar Dagga, CEO of MultiMax Store.

Nasar Dagga and MultiMax

Nasar Dagga and MultiMax Store a bet on Venezuela

Since 2019, Nasar Ramadan Dagga undertook the project of multi-brand stores, which today cover close to all of Venezuela; which since October 19 of that same year, the Carabobo businessman gave a 360 turn to his business career.

Emphasizing that Nasar Dagga, is one of the most relevant and outstanding entrepreneurs in the consumer electronics sector; after a decade as Official Partner of Samsung Electronic in Venezuela, he began to mark a path in the sector, becoming the Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, an award that has led him to be one of the entrepreneurs with greater projection in Venezuela, and what seems to be in the world.

Brands such as Xiaomi have trusted in its leadership, granting it the Official Partner in Venezuela, through XIO Latin, and the business group formed by more than 4000 workers, CLX Group.

Bringing with it a year before the Coronavirus pandemic, better known as CoVID 19 the largest multi-brand store in Venezuela today, MultiMax Store.

Well, this has not been an obstacle for the entrepreneur, who with determination has managed to climb and face every adversity, of course, taking advantage of each one of them; contributing significant value to Venezuela and its people.

Well, during this small trajectory, the CEO of CLX Group, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, and also representative of the largest multi-brand in Venezuela; brings with him the opening of 38 stores nationwide. Remembering that he recently shared the scoop that the 40th store of MultiMax Store, will be in the land of Morón; which he described in his Instagram account as “Where it all began!

“If there’s one thing I value, it’s my roots. Remembering where we came from gives us a clear perspective of what we have achieved and where we want to go,” Nasar Dagga, CEO of MultiMax Store and CLX Group.


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More than 300 brands have trusted Nasar Dagga and MultiMax Store

Trust is not something that is given just around the corner, because there are more than 300 brands that have granted this privilege to the multi-brand, a bet that adds big brands with renown in technology among which stand out: CLX, Samsung, Condesa, Frigilux, Kucce, LG, Xiaomi, JVC, RCA, Coby, Black + Decker, Daewoo, Westinghouse, Nespresso, Premier, Mundo Blanco, Royal, Oster, Frigidaire, Omega Electronics and GPlus, among many others. You can find all of them on their official website and also follow their official Instagram account

Nasar Dagga and MultiMax

A slogan that has changed everything, the best brands in 1 place! Undoubtedly, Venezuelans feel privileged to be part of this growth, in view that each opening is part of the acceptance of the new bet; where in addition, it is not focused on offering a product, but to be a leading part in changing people’s lives.

Nasar Dagga and MultiMax Store, are committed to continue contributing to the welfare of all Venezuelans; to offer the best in innovation and technology.

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Nasar Dagga and MultiMax

Entrepreneurial vision

“The philosophy of a great visionary is focused on new bets for greatness.” Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, CEO of CLX Group, and MultiMax Store.

This is how this whole story begins, going beyond what is beyond us is part of what has made leadership, vision and determination, which also together with a great work team have made the proposals become a reality.

Dagga Nasar, an entrepreneur awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year 2021; for his effort, dedication, and hard work under the leadership of CLX Group, achieved this great merit, leading the most important figure in Venezuela in technology.

He was also awarded the Tourism Merit Button, an award given by the Chamber of Tourism and Culture of the State of Lara in its only order. He has described this achievement as one that exalts not only him as an entrepreneur, but the whole team that makes up the great family of CLX Group, MultiMax Store, XIO Latin, CLX Samsung.

“More than being grateful for the recognition, I feel fortunate to reach many people who follow his commitment to the country as I do. This award is also for all my work team, who are representatives of the great talent that exists in Venezuela”, were the words of Nasar Dagga, president of CLX Group.