It is tradition in Venezuela to celebrate Father’s Day! For the great family of MultiMax Store, and as CEO, to celebrate this special day, it is an honor to be able to praise all the heroes of Venezuelan homes.

The role of every father is to be the hero of his children, to be present at every stage of their life’s development. These are the most special moments and moments that at the end of the day become exclusivity.

On this special day, it is a pleasure for me to share an audiovisual material with my team that makes life in the largest multi-brand in Venezuela, MultiMax Store, who have done a great job to enhance Father’s Day.

Through the official accounts (@nasardagga) and (@multimax_store) you can enjoy an emotional message that celebrates how important the presence of a father is in the lives of his children. That from the courage and love for their family they achieve day after day to be their heroes.

During the video, different scenes are shown that exemplify the great effort that a father makes day after day, to be present and be the heroes of the little ones. That despite the commitments and responsibilities, his top priority is them, because at the end of the day, a father’s time belongs to his children.

“Being a parent is one of the jobs that needs the most commitment, it is undoubtedly one that must be delivered from love, understanding, responsibility, and of course, being an example for our little ones,” CEO of MultiMax Store, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

Inspiration and celebration

For the multi-brand and also as a business leader, it is an honor to have committed parents in the business group. They have given every day a value full of inspiration to each of their children, who with effort and dedication have been an example of each of their steps.

On this Father’s Day we want to congratulate all the fathers who are part of MultiMax Store, as well as all the fathers in Venezuela.

“We are an example for our children, and they are the future of our country. Each parent is synonymous with commitment, effort and dedication,” said Marisela Briceño, Marketing Manager of CLX Group.

We invite you to enjoy the full video on the official Instagram accounts (@nasardagga) and (@multimax_store) where we will share this material congratulating all fathers on their day.

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