Join the CrediMax fever and renew your home! Starting this coming Monday, June 3 and until Wednesday, June 5, MultiMax Store customers will experience a special CrediMax day, with which they will be able to once again have access to the possibility of purchasing their favorite products, paying in installments, without interests. This is under the vision of growth promoted by the CEO of the Venezuelan multibrand, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

PriorityMax affiliates will be able to enjoy this benefit once again, which gives them the opportunity to buy any product in the store, paying an initial payment of 40% and the rest in 6 comfortable biweekly installments.

On this occasion, the special CrediMax day will take place in all the headquarters of the largest multi-brand in Venezuela, located throughout the national territory, except the headquarters of Sambil San Cristóbal and MultiMax Express: CC Candelaria Center, in La Candelaria, Caracas and CC Parque Los Aviadores, in the Palo Negro sector, in the state of Aragua.

“We are focused on offering greater possibilities to Venezuelans, with special services such as CrediMax, which allow them to have access to our immense variety of products, and pay for them in installments, without interest,” said the CEO of CLX Group, and president of MultiMax Store , Nasar Dagga.

CrediMax arrives with a variety of products

Enjoy, as in previous days, those interested in making their purchases with CrediMax, must go to the nearest MultiMax Store headquarters to access the immense variety of products that will be available in the different departments that make up the multi-brand, such as: Audio and Video, White Line, Minor Line, Home, Lingerie, Shoe Store and Tools; among others.

Televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, blenders, coffee makers, sandwich makers, air fryers, steam irons, electric pressure cookers and much more; These are some of the items that you will find available on the multi-brand sales floor, within the framework of this special day.

“The commitment to Venezuelans since 2019 as a multi-brand has been to be able to provide all our customers with the greatest variety of top quality products in prestigious brands, so that each person can select what fits their needs. . With CrediMax we take that one step further, because we are offering the possibility of accessing that same variety, and paying for it in installments,” said Nasar Ramadan Dagga.

Earn more with CrediMax

Applies to “Pronto Pago“, with the intention of motivating the payment of CrediMax, the multi-brand has developed an incentive policy that ranges from increasing the purchase limit, from $200 (initial amount), to $230 in the case of people who pay their fees on time. For those who pay off the entire amount of their debt before 45 days, the limit increase is up to $260.

In this same sense, since April, a raffle was announced, in which those who comply with the payment policies described above will participate for a 0 kilometer car. The results will be announced on Saturday, August 31, through the official social networks: @multimax_store.


It should be noted that to have access to the purchase by installments, interested customers must be affiliated with PriorityMax, which in addition to CrediMax, has the following benefits: promotions, discounts, accumulation of points, exclusive cashier and priority access on special days such as inaugurations, Black Friday and much more.

Those interested in being part of this important club of exclusive MultiMax Store members must register at any of the offices nationwide, which costs $20 for one year and must bring their laminated identity card as a requirement. It is important to note that all PriorityMax benefits are for the exclusive use of affiliate customers, because the card is non-transferable.

For his part, Carabobeño businessman Nasar Dagga reminded all interested parties that to learn more details about this day, promotions or any other event developed by the Venezuelan multi-brand, the only official channel on social networks is: @multimax_store.

He finally highlighted that no sales or charges of any kind are made via social networks, which is why he invited Venezuelans to avoid scams. He highlighted that the only official sales channels are physical stores or online, through the website: