A kitchen is the central axis of the favorite place at home, and more than just looking for an aesthetic value, the ideal is to find one that gives you a perfect combination of functionality, style and durability; this is how the Omega Electronics 4-burner (4H) and 6-burner (6H) glass-top gas stove is presented, which comes to offer you a reliable product designed for any home.

In Multimax Store you can find a wide variety of household items, white line and minor line of the best national and international brands; and is that with Omega Electronics you will find kitchens designed to resist optimally for years, providing a sense of tranquility to users, explained the president of the largest multi-brand in Venezuela, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

“The Omega 4H and 6H glass top gas cooktop model is a high quality appliance with a simple appearance, but that will allow you to have total control over the cooking of your meals, guaranteeing that unique safety and versatility that only cooking with domestic gas can give you,” said Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Group and Multimax Store.

Around the world, professionals and food lovers prefer to use gas stoves because they allow better heat distribution in food and accurate results with a much lower energy consumption when cooking. In addition, it is able to adapt to all types of cookware, without fear of damaging the cooking surface.

Efficient gas power

With a stainless steel top, the Omega Electronics 4H and 6H glass-top gas cooktop comes in three solid colors: white, black and gray and a deluxe stainless steel option, which will give that novel and distinctive touch that is so necessary in any modern kitchen, capable of integrating perfectly with different decors.

Made with durable and resistant materials, this product is designed to last and function optimally for many years; in addition, it incorporates high power burners with enameled burners and an oven with uniform heat distribution that will facilitate the preparation of your meals with great speed.

Convenience is also a key element of this stove, and its easy-to-clean nonstick oven will help you quickly remove residues and accumulated grease with much less effort. At the same time, thanks to its easy-to-remove base, you can easily remove dirt, simplifying the task of keeping your kitchen clean and tidy while providing greater stability and support to the appliance.

Due to the compact dimensions of Omega’s 4H glass-top gas cooktop, it can fit perfectly into smaller spaces or limited environments, with a height of 85.5 cm, 51 cm wide and a depth of 57.3 cm. Similarly, the 6H proposal will look ideal in larger areas and is the perfect choice for those who prefer a larger stove.

Both models feature 6 mm thick upper grills, which provide resistance and safety when holding cooking utensils, preventing accidental slipping.

“With Omega Electronics you will find the ideal kitchen to create your dream space. In addition, during this month of September you can find it with a brand new special promotion only in our Multimax Stores nationwide” said Nasar Ramadan Dagga, president of CLX Group.

For more information on this and many more products, visit the official Multimax Store website at www.multimaxstore.com and be the first to know about the new promotions that the largest multi-brand in Venezuela brings to you.