Thousands of Venezuelans have already benefited from CrediMax, the new product for PriorityMax affiliates, acquiring the best innovation on the market at a special price, by installments and without accumulating interest, through the Multimax Store stores.

Now Credimax rewards your punctuality. If you are a PriorityMax member and have already used your quota, don’t forget to stay up to date with your installments to enjoy an increase in your financing plan during the next “CREDIMAX” day, with a limit of $230. Additionally, if you pay your installment within a period of less than 45 days, your limit will increase up to $260 at authorized Multimax Store stores throughout the country.

“At Multimax Store we continue to support the expansion of technology in Venezuela with CrediMax, providing Venezuelans with a new range of possibilities when choosing their dream appliance. By simply being part of PriorityMax, you will be able to access the latest innovation and renew your equipment by installments without worrying about accumulating interest, benefiting our affiliate clients even more” Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, president of CLX Group.

CrediMax, the new MultiMax product

Due to the great receptivity that this product has had, the CEO of the CLX business group, Nasar Dagga, announced that he will very soon announce the start of a new CrediMax day through the multibrand’s social networks, @multimax_store, so that more Venezuelans can join the new unique shopping experience at MultiMax.

You can join the most exclusive shopping club in Venezuela at any of the multibrand’s 41 locations nationwide by requesting your registration at PriorityMax. The process only lasts five minutes, and from that moment on, you will be able to enjoy the multiple benefits you get with your membership: such as access to unique promotions that are not available to regular customers, a preferential service box and priority access to stores. during special events.

Beneficiaries will be able to access financing plans of up to $200 on their first purchase with CrediMax during the sessions enabled by the multi-brand, and when they go to the checkout with their chosen products, they will only have to pay up to 40% of the value of the item. as initial. The rest of the amount will be distributed in payments of 6 biweekly installments.

How to pay CrediMax

Canceling your CrediMax fee is very simple. To do this, you only have to enter through the multi-brand website,, and go to the “CREDIMAX/PRIORITYMAX” section, where you can enter a portal for VIP clients using your email and digital key.

Once inside the platform, select the “Report CrediMax installment payment” option and click on the “Create payment” option. Here you can choose the number of installments you want to pay, as well as the multiple payment platforms. Once the transaction is completed, enter your payment reference so that it is registered successfully.


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It is important to note that, for your payment to be credited correctly, it is necessary to add the full transaction reference number. When you have completed all your CrediMax payments, if you meet the aforementioned requirements, you will be able to access the increase in the limit of your financing plan in the Multimax Store stores at the beginning of the new “CREDIMAX” promotion day.

The best brands in one place!

For more than four years, Multimax Store and its CEO, Nasar Ramadan Dagga, continue to bet on the growth and expansion of technology in Venezuela, becoming the favorite option for Venezuelans when making their purchases in the country and the multi-brand chain with the greatest variety of products on its sales floors with more than 400 brands.

Visit our virtual store and discover all the products and discounts available to you. Find all the information you need about the unmatched offers and news from MultiMax through all its social networks such as @multimax_store.