MultiMax continues to grow throughout Venezuela and this time reached its eighth stop in the “Pearl of the Caribbean”. Isla de Margarita became its new headquarters in the country located in the Parque Costazul Shopping Center in Pampatar, under the same objective of providing “the best brands in 1 single place” and led by its CEO Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

“The commitment we have is getting bigger and bigger. Reaching more cities fills us with pride, motivation and above all to continue with more challenges on a daily basis. MultiMax was born to offer Venezuelans the best in technology to be present in every corner of the home, and that is what it is about always worrying about the quality of life of our people”, were the words of its president Nasar Dagga.

The experience of MultiMax customers has become a main reference to add more followers throughout the country. The variety has been fundamental to the growth of the multi-brand in all its areas, such as white line, brown line, smartphones, audio and video.

Margarita has the largest headquarters of the multi-brand to date, with more than 6,000 square meters of exhibition and 70 brands available to all its customers.

More cities, the same goal

Valencia, Maracay, Barquisimeto, Maturín, Caracas, Barinas, Lechería and now Margarita are the headquarters that are part of the great MultiMax family, during a journey that began in October 2019 on Valencian soil. Reaching Venezuelan homes is summed up in one of the primary purposes of the renowned national multi-brand, a scenario that motivates them even more opening after opening to their entire team of workers.

“Opportunities and alternatives, that is what we always seek to present to Venezuelans. The arrival of the multi-brand to more cities means a great commitment for us and it is something that fills us with happiness as we are part of each family in Venezuela. The road continues with more destinations for a multi-brand that was born for our people and has expanded to meet the needs of each Venezuelan”, added Nasar Dagga.

Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Aiwa, Frigilux, Cyberlux, Condesa, Nespresso, Omega, Oster, Black+Decker, Brentwood, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Mabe and Remington, among other brands; They are part of the present exhibition of exclusive products from the medium to the high range offered by Multimax.

On this occasion, the Margariteños experienced incredible opening days, with promotions to offer the best to Venezuelan families, under the Biosafety protocols established by health agencies. MultiMax stands firm by adding more destinations in the country, with Maracaibo being the next city on its inaugural tour.

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The best brands in 1 place!

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