The Smartphone market is constantly changing, although there are no major changes as far as the top position is concerned, but at least in the top 3 places of Android phone manufacturers.

According to AppBrain statistics published by SportLens, in the month of November Samsung dominates the market, as the best-selling brand worldwide. 

Again the South Korean brand is positioned as the leader in sales of Android phones in the world, as well as dominates the market for sales of folding phones. This is not surprising.

They are the ones who are betting the most on these models and are dominating this segment in a clear way, with two new models every year, which are becoming increasingly successful.

Samsung world leader 

Samsung dominated the market with a 34.6% share within Android phones. The brand is once again maintaining its leadership, as well as making a huge difference compared to its competitors.

The second brand in this field is Xiaomi, and in their case they have a market share of 14.3%,

These brands are followed by Oppo with 10.3%, while Vivo takes the fourth place with 9.8%. On the other hand, Huawei remains firmly in the Top 5 despite all the problems they have experienced lately and that seem to never end.

In this way, the trend continues to favor Samsung, since two years ago the Korean company had about 22% of the market, while Huawei appeared second with more than 17%, but in view of what happened with the Chinese giant, things changed.

Samsung in Venezuela 

In Venezuela, the Samsung brand is the most sought after, the physical stores of CLX Samsung are distributed nationwide, and have the full range of Smartphone of the South Korean giant.

Nasar Dagga is the CEO of the most important business group in the country, CLX Group, Official Partner of Samsung in Venezuela.

Venezuelan businessman Nasar Dagga Mujamad also runs MultiMax Store, the largest store in Venezuela in which through its large stores also markets Samsung products.

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