The Chamber of Tourism and Culture of the State of Lara awarded the “Merit to Tourism Button” in its Only Class to Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, CEO of the CLX Group and who has currently become a main reference within the national business community in favor of Venezuelan households. .

Antonio Morales, president of the aforementioned Larense institution, accompanied by its director Luis Briceño, visited the main offices of the CLX Group to deliver the recognition to its new honorary member. In this edition, several institutions and companies that have provided significant support to the development of Tourism in the Lara state and throughout Venezuela were also awarded.

“More than thanking you for the recognition, I feel fortunate to reach many people who follow your commitment to the country just like me. This award is also for my entire work team, who are representatives of the great talent that exists in Venezuela”, were the words of Nasar Dagga, president of the CLX Group.

“Promoting what is ours will always be a priority”, concluded Nasar Dagga.

The Lara State Chamber of Tourism and Culture is a non-profit civil society whose general objective is to provide strategic development to enhance the country’s tourism and economic activities.

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