MultiMax Store in alliance with Condesa and Kucce presents the second concert of the Carabobo State Symphony Orchestra (@sinfocarabobo) and this time with the special participation of the Mata Rica group, who will meet this Saturday, April 23, at the facilities of the multi-brand located on Avenida Bolívar Norte, calle 137 in front of CC La Galería, Valencia.

Once again, families from Carabobo will have the opportunity to enjoy a select musical repertoire that will remain in the memory of all those present, with the participation of 60 musicians on stage with the direction of maestro José Carmelo Calebrese.

“Playing is a dream for the orchestra and for me, to meet again with the public from Carabobo and other sectors, because for us it is very important to recover spaces where national talent is shown. We are sure that it will be a super concert, without a doubt very excited, it is also the beginning of a great relationship because hand in hand with MultiMax and with the dream of reaching more cities in the country”, were the words of the director from Carabobo, after the great receptivity in MultiMax Guacara during the first presentation.

Calebrese has great expectations of what this second presentation will be. “It was an honor and a great privilege to have shared with the public of Guacara, we feel very happy because we had time without coming. The Orchestra was luxurious and up to the task, it seems to me that the entire audience enjoyed it very much, as did we”, added Calebrese.

For @multimax_store, supporting Venezuelan culture is one of the main objectives of the national multi-brand and thus keep closer the traditions that identify us as Venezuelans, which thanks to this type of activity brings together all families for the well-being and entertainment of all. , thanks to the initiative of Nasar Ramadan Mujamad, CEO of CLX Group – MultiMax.

“ We are proud to bring all this Carabobeño and Venezuelan talent to presentations where families can enjoy an orchestra that reminds us how lucky we are to live in the best country in the world. These activities reaffirm the commitment that we have for Venezuela and for our people, to continue believing in what is ours and to make known the benefits that we have as Venezuelans”, expressed Nasar Dagga.

The Carabobo Symphony Orchestra has 45 years of experience, which has formed 4 generations of musicians who have come to occupy important positions in recognized groups both inside and outside our borders.

“We feel proud and grateful to be able to offer a great symphonic experience to our public in Valencia, with great expectations of what the event will be. Happy of this alliance with MultiMax so that they know the love we feel when we present ourselves in the country”, John Sequera, member of the Orchestra.

Grupo CLX in alliance with the Carabobo Symphony Orchestra.

For José Calabrese, this new alliance between the Orchestra and the CLX Group is one of the most important moments for this institution in recent years.

“It is the most important Carabobeño cultural event for us in recent years and allows us to make the power of the cultural and private sectors visible when they come together is something very powerful for our country. Culture without support does not exist and on this occasion we feel happy with this alliance with CLX Group, so that it can be heard throughout the country”, added the Valencian director.

Given this initiative, Calabrese, together with all the talent that makes life in the Carabobo Symphony Orchestra, thanks the entire group of people that accompanies the businessman Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Group – MultiMax in Valencia.

“Grateful to CLX Group-MultiMax and its president Nasar Dagga, who since he listened to the Orchestra fell in love and is a lover of Venezuelan music. It is an honor to have the support of him and that of his entire team that has supported us in these new projects”, said José Carmelo Calabrese.

The Venezuelan multi-brand will continue with its agenda of activities during this year, which can be found through its Instagram account @multimax_store.

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