Samsung Latin America announces to its users that a virtual showroom is available for a fully connected home experience – the Samsung Smart Home. From Samsung’s virtual showroom you can try all the brand’s devices, which feature remote control technology through the SmartThings application.

The virtual environment is presented by SAM, Samsung’s virtual assistant, who invites visitors to explore the space and learn more about the company’s devices, functions and services. In Samsung Smart Home it is possible to control electronic devices such as adjusting the temperature of the air conditioning, turn on, turn off and control the TV functions, combine environments with lighting in specific colors and intensities, among others. All the configurations available in the different devices that equip the rooms of the house are available for testing.

You will learn how to control, program and automate connected devices through the SmartThings application.

How to enter the Samsung Virtual Showroom?

Users who wish to enter the Smart Home interactive virtual showroom can enter through their Samsung website and will be greeted by SAM with a simple and quick tutorial on how to interact with the house, and a QR Code that simulates SmartThings through the cell phone. All the information is available on the icons that appear on the screen of the device through which the access was made.

In this way, consumers can learn more about the products. Then, they can easily select the environment that most appeals to them and interact with the different combinations of Samsung products.

In addition to the virtual experience, you can purchase Samsung smart home products through the menu that opens by clicking on the magnifying glass icon of each device.

Samsung Venezuela

In Venezuela you can live this virtual experience, Samsung customers can learn about their favorite white goods, appliances and air conditioning. The physical Samsung stores are distributed throughout the country, and have the entire line of the South Korean giant.

CLX Samsung is managed by Nasar Dagga, an important Venezuelan businessman of Arab descent, CEO of the most important business group in the country, CLX Group, Official Partner of Samsung in Venezuela. The businessman Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad also runs MultiMax, the largest store in Venezuela, which also sells Samsung products through its large stores.

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