The big technology brands are evolving more and more to offer their consumers better products.

This time, LG introduces the OLED Flex LX3, the world’s first flexible OLED TV, powered by LG’s latest display technology. This television can go from flat to curved to adapt to the needs of the user. With this innovative product, LG marks a “new era in the audiovisual industry by achieving a complete personalization of viewing”, as the company has not explained in a statement.

The most interesting thing is that, not only is it a curved TV, but it has the ability to go through twenty different levels of curvature until it reaches a maximum of 900R. This allows everyone to adapt the screen to their liking.

LG’s new television, OLED Flex LX3, can be tilted 10 degrees up and 5 degrees down, and it also has an adjustable base, with a height that can be changed by 140 millimeters, thus guaranteeing superior ergonomic comfort for those who want to adapt their TV to the needs of their space and the content they want to consume, whether in video game mode, movies or series.

Flexible display for gamers

The particularities of the LG OLED Flex are designed to meet the demands of video game fans. Thanks to the Switching Hub function, the panel’s built-in microphone can be interspersed with other peripherals connected between a PC and the panel without disconnecting any. The microphone that integrates the LG LX3 also has amazing noise cancellation to communicate with your friends even more clearly.

This LG model will offer a great gaming experience. The LG LX3 offers support for Dolby Vision gaming at 4K 120 Hz and HDMI 2.1, VRR AND ALLM connections. LG’s flexible display is also G-Sync compatible and AMD FreeSync Premium certified, delivering stutter-free, stutter-free images.

Also, an interesting fact, is that LG has taken eye care into account, therefore, LG OLED Flex LX3 offers exceptional visual comfort, as evidenced by its multiple certifications for eye care in relation to flickering or glare. the picture. Being a panel that takes care of the eyes and minimizes eye fatigue, people will be able to have longer gaming sessions or content viewing without experiencing negative eye sensations. In addition, the application of LG’s anti-reflection coating (SAR) helps reduce visual distractions.

In terms of sound, LG OLED Flex provides excellent sound with two 40W front-facing speakers that help further elevate the gaming and content viewing experience. In addition, it has support for Dolby Atmos, which gives the television greater clarity, depth and liveliness to the sound.

As a highlight, LG OLED Flex incorporates a customizable lighting function on the back of the panel as a shield. The LX3 lighting enhances the gaming atmosphere by synchronizing the lights to the video and audio of the content playing on the screen, offering up to five unique lighting modes.

LG products in Venezuela

LG has a wide open door in Venezuela; GAD Tecnology, the brand with a Venezuelan seal that through its stores offers the most exclusive LG items. The GAD stores are spread throughout Venezuela and are managed by the Venezuelan businessman Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

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