During its presentation at IFA 2022 in its 60th edition held on European soil, Samsung Electronics aims to become the number 1 brand of efficient appliances and smart services, through clean technologies and eco-friendly solutions.

In this way, the Asian giant, Samsung announces its plans to create the best sustainable experience at home.

For his part, JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Home Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics said, “As customer needs are shifting towards more sustainable options, we are excited to meet them by offering the latest energy-saving smart home appliances.” .

Samsung will improve the sustainable experience at home

Samsung Electronics is developing products with the goal of being the number 1 in energy efficient home appliances in the world.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched SmartThings Home, the new service within the Internet of Things (IoT) app from Samsung Electronics, which enables you to take control of your energy consumption by providing real-time information about where and how you use your home.

Connected lifestyle with SmartThings

In this way, Samsung has already integrated its SmartThings system in all kinds of products. By combining connected appliances with SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode, users can maximize energy savings through optimizations.

In this way, an interconnected ecosystem is created that provides an unparalleled multi-device experience that allows consumers to get the most out of their Samsung devices, as well as other third-party products, thus simplifying their management and opening the door to more possibilities for users to adapt the experiences of their devices, this, so that users are encouraged to find new ways to enjoy their products.

Currently available in Korea, India, the US and the UK, it is currently compatible with most Samsung home appliances and HVAC products. In the future, SmartThings Energy will expand to more regions, soon reaching Latin America, especially Venezuela, through CLX Samsung, led by its CEO Nasar Ramadan Dagga.

More sustainable products

SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode will optimize the wash cycle of Samsung washing machines with technologies like AI Ecobubble™, which reduces energy by up to 70% when washing clothes in cold water while providing a powerful clean.

Another of the appliances also classified as number 1 in energy efficiency in its category, are the Samsung refrigerators. They benefit from SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode by intelligently adjusting temperatures based on door opening standards and compressor speed, saving users up to 10% on energy use.

These savings are expected to increase to 30% by the end of the year, up to 15% through the AI ​​algorithm that optimizes compressor speed and defrost cycle, with a further 15% reduction by maintaining a higher average internal temperature. high in the refrigerator.

Other notable energy savings include 40% for the Eco Heating System, 20% for dryers, and 20% by the end of this year for the Residential Air Conditioner (RAC).

For the new Bespoke AI™ laundry appliances, the Bespoke Bottom Mounted Freezer and the Eco Heating System (EHS), Samsung is pushing to go beyond what is required with the current “A”, providing an additional 10% energy savings. power for applicable models.

Together, these energy savings serve as harbingers of the future of sustainability that Samsung envisions for its appliances. As such, Samsung has set a goal of ensuring by 2023 that 100% of major home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and RAC and EHS are Wi-Fi enabled and can be integrated with SmartThings.

Beyond appliances, with Q CELLS, Samsung has developed the Net Zero Home, a truly self-sustaining home capable of generating and storing sustainable energy from solar panels to power Samsung’s latest efficient appliances all intelligently controlled by SmartThings.

Bespoke designs, a trend-setting line

The sustainability of Samsung home appliances can also be found in the adaptable designs of Bespoke products. Modularity and interchangeable panels built into appliances like Bespoke refrigerators reduce waste by extending the life of appliances.  

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