This new headquarters offers its clients 4,000 meters of exhibition space and more than 200 brands.

The margariteños said present! MultiMax Store opened this Thursday the doors of its store number 24 in Venezuela, located in the Traki Shopping Center, Avenida Juan Bautista Arismendi, Porlamar – Nueva Esparta. The islanders took advantage of the special opening discounts and all the news that the national multi-brand brings, thanks to the vision of its CEO Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad.

Customers will be part of these promotions until the weekend together with the largest multi-brand of household appliances and electronics. Once again, the entire MultiMax team surprises Venezuelans with new experiences and activities designed for the enjoyment of a nation.

“From this first day of opening of MultiMax Porlamar we reconfirm the great receptivity of Venezuelans with the multi-brand. Seeing each family taking the products of the best brands to their homes motivates us to continue in favor of the well-being of each one of them, without a doubt we are a country of opportunities and that has been our message since the first multi-brand in the country” , were the words of the president of MultiMax, Nasar Dagga.

The variety has been the starting point for the growth of the multi-brand in all its areas, such as white goods, smartphones, perfumes, shoe stores, audio and video. Venezuelans have been able to enjoy the diversity that MultiMax presents in its 24 locations within Venezuela, where they will soon reach more cities in the country under the same store concept.

Porlamar became the second venue on the Isla de Margarita and number 24 in Venezuela. Valencia, Guacara, Maracay, Barquisimeto, Maturín, Caracas Los Cortijos, Caracas Los Ilustres, Barinas, Lechería, Apure, Maturín, Mérida, San Cristóbal, Puerto La Cruz, Margarita, Maracaibo Sambil, Maracaibo La Limpia and Cabimas, are the headquarters of this great family that began its journey in October 2019 on Valencian soil.

“Our expansion has been the main objective of the multibrand as a team. Beyond offering the best quality in technology and electronics, we have dedicated ourselves to reaching every Venezuelan home with a series of discounts that fit the pocket of every Venezuelan. Today more than ever our commitment grows with greater force, because we are motivated by the knowledge that we continue to generate sources of employment and in turn a grain of sand in the Venezuelan economy”, added Dagga, president of MultiMax.

Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Aiwa, Kucce, Frigilux, Hamilton Beach, Daewoo, Countess, Omega, Oster, Black+Decker, NTS Essence, Nespresso, RCA, SJ Electronics, Coby, Brentwood, Whirlpool, Mabe, Frigidaire, Kodak, Westinghouse , JVC, Remington, among other brands; that make up the display of products offered by MultiMax for the entire country.

Condesa presented its new products at the inauguration of MultiMax Porlamar, with its 60-centimeter gas top, the 8-kg double-tub washing machine, water dispenser, two-control air conditioners and a 219-liter refrigerator.

MultiMax opened its second store in Margarita and the 24th in Venezuela

Director ejecutivo de CLX Samsung, Gad Tecnology, XIO y Aiwa Venezuela; representantes en Venezuela de Samsung, ​ LG Corporation, ​ Xiaomi Corporation​ y Aiwa​ respectivamente. También presidente de Multimax.​

Tasting up to Kucce

During the opening day, the Kucce team presented a new tasting with its stellar product 12-liter Air Fryer Oven, part of the Selettivo line and that has captivated Venezuelan families with its new products for the home. In addition to giving its customers a magic mug and a smart watch from the brand.

For their part, the Margariteños enjoyed the presence of artists Leonardo Villalobos, Adriana Marval, Karlis Romero, Adrián Lara, Adriana Peña and Andreina Castro, members of Team MultiMax. For this Thursday, customers will be able to share with José Andrés Padrón, Nieves Soteldo, Isabella Rodríguez, Anmarie Camacho and Dariana Alvarado.

The Venezuelan multibrand remains firm by adding more destinations and in the coming weeks they will announce new dates for their opening tour. For more details, you can follow the Instagram account @multimax_store and be the first to know about new promotions.
The best brands arrived in Venezuela in only 1 place!

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