Help us to leave a footprint in the world! This is the message that MultiMax Store sends to all Venezuelans in its new campaign of responsibility with the planet, with which it seeks to promote a better use of available resources, reduce the use of plastics and become aware of the damage caused by this material each year worldwide.

Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, CEO of the conglomerate CLX Group, and president of the largest multi-brand store in Venezuela, MultiMax Store, has promoted this campaign with the aim of highlighting the importance of the conscious use of non-biodegradable materials, through information and dissemination of knowledge for a better management of this solid waste, in order to safeguard the life of the planet and all Venezuelans.

“We have become ambassadors of good sustainable practices, avoiding after four years, that more than 20 million of this material end up drowning even more the life we all know. As a Venezuelan, we have an important commitment to make a difference, generating a benefit for the future of our planet,” said Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Group and president of MultiMax Store.

Most of the initiatives for change in Venezuela come from citizens, who come together to carry out sustainable projects that make a difference. Some of these practices are the collection and purification of rainwater, the creation of green roofs to reduce the temperature of “heat islands”, recycling and green tourism, topics addressed during the forum “Good sustainability practices in Venezuela” since 2021.

Let’s avoid the use of plastic

Since its founding in 2019, Multimax Store has contributed to reducing the consumption of disposable plastics by eliminating the need for over-packaging of products after purchase within stores across the country.

After four years of delivering high quality products to all Venezuelans, this commitment to the planet continues; and now takes on a new scope, seeking to positively impact the way in which Venezuelans relate to this material through conscious use.

To convey the message of change and encourage the responsible use of plastic, an audiovisual material was published on August 29 on the official Instagram account of Nasar Ramadan Dagga, CEO of CLX Group, (@nasardagga) in collaboration with the official Instagram account of the MultiMax Store (@multimax_store).

The campaign narrates the impact that this material has on the life we all know, and how it infiltrates forests, beaches, crops, large oceans, and even our food cycle. Also, it relates the importance of applying safe policies and not using plastic bags, managing to safeguard the life of the ecosystem and highlighting the impact that has been had for four years in reducing the effects of pollutants of this material, contributing in the preservation of the planet, finally they send a message that raises awareness to the Venezuelan population quoting “Let’s avoid the use of plastic, let’s take care of our home together!”

In order to inspire and awaken the conscience of citizens, and to achieve that among all the contribution to the planet is greater, MultiMax Store is committed to include more sustainable practices within its facilities, with the intention of reducing the pollution that influences the greenhouse effect, produced by carbon emissions seriously affecting the life of the planet.

“It is necessary to face the challenges from a broader perspective on the conscious use of these harmful scmaterials, both for the environment and for the health of Venezuelans. It is a fact that every action contributed to the planet, no matter how small, is a significant contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions that cause so much damage to the planet,” said Nasar Dagga Mujamad, CEO of CLX Group and president of MultiMax Store.

Let’s curb the impact of plastic

Plastics are an affordable, durable and flexible material, used in a wide variety of products ranging from packaging to clothing, beauty items, household appliances and much more. According to statistics from the United Nations Environment Program, about 36% of the plastics produced in the world are used in containers and packaging, which are then burned in landfills, severely affecting the environment, and our food chain.

Due to their overproduction, both human health and the environment have been affected with more than 280 million tons of plastics ending up in forests, crops and in the oceans; where they represent 85% of the sea’s waste, with millions of micro-sized particles of these polymers that can take years or even decades to degrade.

While the use of plastics is unavoidable, it is possible to be an agent of change at home by reducing their use. The main thing to understand is that not all alternatives to plastics are necessarily less polluting; due to the processes required to manufacture them. Also, the more a product is used, the less impact it has on the environment. Other ways to reduce carbon emissions from the home are:

Limit the use of disposable plastic items such as cutlery, containers, containers, cups, bottles and bags.
If you use one of these utensils, give it a second life and use it before discarding it.
Avoid leaving plastic items in inappropriate places such as streets and public spaces. Instead, it is recommended to carry them in a pocket until you find a trash can where they can be thrown away.
Clean and separate plastic from other materials, such as metal and glass, so that it can be recycled.
Replace plastic products with healthier environmental alternatives, such as using a biodegradable shopping bag instead of a plastic bag, or using electric shavers instead of razors.
Implement good recycling practices at home, using colored containers for the proper handling of biodegradable and non-degradable materials.
Let’s take care of our home together

Be part of the change and do your bit to make a difference. From MultiMax Store together with its CEO, Nasar Ramadan, have taken the initiative to safeguard our planet with conscious practices on the proper handling of these materials; as Venezuelans that we are, let’s show what we are made of with each of our actions.

Help us to leave a footprint in the world!