Technological progress and innovation go hand in hand with the environment, under this premise CLX Group will design its first sustainable warehouse in Venezuela, with the objective of optimizing the management of available resources to create a prosperous and ecologically responsible space.

This project was designed by Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, CEO of CLX Group, with the intention of preserving the ecosystem with an innovative proposal that lasts over time and integrates aspects of sustainable architecture, giving prominence to nature, without neglecting the technological progress that characterizes the renowned brand.

“Keeping ourselves in constant improvement is a challenge for us, evolving more every day to always offer the best and expand the horizons of Venezuelans. On this occasion, we want to do something different for the country with this type of sustainable structures that allow us to use cleaner energy, a trend that has been in vogue in Europe, Asia, America in recent years and that we will soon implement in CLX Group as part of our sustainable practices to preserve the environment,” said Nasar Dagga, president of CLX Samsung and MultiMax Store.

A proposal for the country

The construction will include storage and office areas that will integrate an area of contact with nature adapted to the climatic needs of Venezuela, offering an ideal space for sustainable development that will make efficient use of the essential resources of water and electricity.

Among the initiatives to reduce electricity consumption, the warehouse will have a system of indirect and diffuse natural lighting in the interior, complemented by luminescent sensors and electric monitors to regulate the ambient light at times of low light. In addition, solar panels and batteries will be installed to power the building in a self-sustainable manner.

The reservoir will have a rainwater harvesting system, which will reduce the consumption of potable water used to irrigate the plants by implementing drip irrigation, improving the yield of this vital liquid.

Making a difference

Other proposals to reduce the impact of CO2 include the reduction of solid waste and the implementation of environmental logistics and energy management policies to develop green protocols that influence transportation, distribution and storage processes, together with new strategies to save on electricity consumption.

“Developing this ambitious project fills us with pride at CLX Group, as it lays the groundwork for the development of new sustainable warehouses in the country, a proposal that we hope other large companies in Venezuela will soon join in order to contribute with measures that help care for the planet,” said Nasar Ramadan Dagga.

For more than 10 years, CLX Group has been offering the best technologies and latest innovations in the technological market from renowned brands such as Samsung Electronics and Xiaomi. This project adds to a large number of plans of the renowned conglomerate in favor of creating better conditions for Venezuelans, with initiatives based on social, cultural, sports, recreational, and now, environmental support.