Every day in the world there are more and more smart and interconnected devices and in which there is increasing concern for security and privacy.

Therefore, Samsung has responded to the most demanding users by offering a whole system of protection for interconnected devices, evolving by integrating Blockchain technology.

In this sense, Samsung presented “Knox Matrix”, a new security system based on a private blockchain that will guarantee the “protection of multiple devices with superior security”.

Through Knox Matrix, a system capable of protecting all our devices, TVs, phones, tablets, fridges, air conditioners… Regardless of whether we use an Android or Tizen system, Knox Matrix will provide a unified protection SDK to ensure security throughout our ecosystem in a simple way for the user.

So, Knox Matrix will make login tasks faster throughout the home, because the login state is automatically distributed to the devices that need it to join the network.

Meanwhile, the confidential information of those devices and their users will also be protected.

So, any smartphone that streams to a TV or is connected to an air conditioner and has Samsung Knox Matrix will become more secure.

While the tech company hasn’t announced a launch date for this big project, it’s clear that Samsung is working hard to find an important place in the Web3 ecosystem.

Recall that, in 2019, the firm included a wallet in its flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10, which featured hardware-based private key protection, as reported by Bitcoin.com.

In addition, it is already working on initiatives related to non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the metaverse. Added to its idea of adding Bitcoin mining chips to its extended consumer electronics offering.

Samsung in Venezuela

CLX Samsung who is the Official Partner of Samsung Electronic in Venezuela, also who is led by its CEO Nasar Dagga, president of CLX Group, have bet on innovation and constant growth, which will be this new update part of the evolution of new technological proposals for the Caribbean country, this as part of its representation of the brand in the country.

In addition, the technology giant is committed to keeping owners of the brand’s devices up to date, offering the latest technologies, IT and financial proposals from a digital perspective.

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