Samsung revealed at IFA 2022 its vision to create “the most energy-efficient home” through advanced technologies and strategic partnerships, as the company aims to become the number one brand for energy-efficient home appliances.

“As customer needs are shifting toward more energy efficient options, we are excited to meet those needs by offering the latest energy-saving smart home appliances,” said JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Home Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. .

Samsung energy standards

“By leveraging efficient appliances with the synergistic features of SmartThings, we plan to deliver a truly energy-efficient home experience like never before.”

With the introduction of SmartThings Home earlier this year, Samsung laid the foundation for creating a truly efficient home. By combining connected appliances with services like SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode, users can maximize energy savings through optimizations.

Samsung has set a goal of ensuring, by 2023, that 100% of major home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines are Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with SmartThings integration.

Collaboration to create cleaner technologies

In its latest projects, Samsung is also collaborating with companies with like-minded green goals. With Patagonia, the brand has developed washing machine technologies to reduce microplastic pollution produced by clothing by 54%. The new machines are scheduled to launch in September, but Samsung said all of its connected washing machines will also gain access to this course by the end of the year through updates.

Samsung in Venezuela

Samsung is present in Venezuela through its Official Partner, CLX Samsung. There are CLX Samsung stores distributed throughout the country and they have the entire product line of the South Korean giant; from washing machines, stoves and refrigerators to branded televisions, smartphones and wearables.

CLX Samsung is run by Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, a Venezuelan businessman of Arab descent. In turn, the businessman also runs MultiMax, a multi-brand concept in which, through its large stores, it also markets Samsung products.

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