CLX Samsung brings the best of two worlds to Venezuela with its official partner Samsung! Once again the Official Partner of Samsung in Venezuela, CLX led by its CEO Nasar Dagga, bring the best in technology innovation to the country, this time it is the new models S90C 77″ OLED 4K and Q80C 98″ QLED 4K.

The new high-end, high-tech Samsung TVs, the S90C 77″ OLED 4K and Q80C 98″ QLED 4K, were presented in the country during a groundbreaking event that welcomed “The Greatness of Two Worlds”, along with two impressive screens that will revolutionize the way people watch movies and play video games, offering unsurpassed picture and sound quality.

In the city of Caracas, great figures from the artistic world and the national press attended the event on Monday, August 14, who together with representatives of the technology giant Samsung Latin America and CLX Samsung Official Partner in Venezuela, witnessed this impressive presentation, where they were able to learn about the benefits of the latest generation of “Big Inches” devices that integrate special functions to offer a premium experience in the area of entertainment.

“For several years now, we at Samsung Venezuela have been working hard to be on par with all global launches. Both products, the S90C 77″ OLED 4K and Q80C 98″ QLED 4K, were launched in our region recently and are now available for purchase throughout Venezuela, breaking the delay that may have existed in the country. Today, Samsung’s product portfolio is updated with all our products,” said Arianna Casadiego, CMO Marketing of Samsung.

Both technological wonders are already available for purchase throughout Venezuela through the 12 CLX Samsung stores in the country, said Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad Dagga, CEO of CLX Group and president of CLX Samsung. He also indicated that the screens can also be purchased online through the official website of CLX Latin,, with a free sound bar included and national delivery options to get the screen to where you are.

Movies in your living room

With a 98-inch QLED screen, the Q80C Smart TV is a movie lover’s dream, with four times the detail of a Full HD TV and a 120 Hz refresh rate for smooth, crisp motion when enjoying action scenes or a soccer game.

Thanks to its Quantum Dum and Direct Full Array technology, the display offers a wider and more realistic dynamic range, with brighter and more vivid colors, while its Neural Quantum 4K processor is responsible for optimizing the contrast and clarity of each image to adapt to the lighting conditions of the environment. It also offers improved depth perception with the “Real Depth Enhancer”, which scales 4K images and videos in the same way the eyes would, creating a realistic effect by enhancing the light and dark areas of the screen.

At the same time, it integrates the multi-view function, which allows you to watch up to two videos simultaneously with the split screen function, to enjoy two different contents at the same time, without forgetting its incredible Movie Mode, which adjusts brightness and color to offer a smoother and high quality image quality.

Unlimited gamer power

The 77-inch OLED S90C integrates the Neural Neural Quantum 4K processor with the powerful Motion Xcelerator, to offer gamers a vivid and completely natural color palette that allows users to live a visual experience as incredible as in real life and is Pantone certified.

Another of its features is its 144 hz refresh rate, which offers smoother gameplay together with Game Motion Plus, which minimizes blur and halo effects in those games where movement is vital and users want higher quality and immersion, worthy of the most demanding gamers.

Both devices are perfectly compatible with the Xbox Game Pass gaming platform, feature 4K image support at 120 fps, and FreeSync Premium Pro and feature Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Lite technology, offering an ideal soundscape; 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB, Ethernet (LAN), WIFI 5 access, Bluetooth, digital audio output, USB-C, POGO and antenna input, integrated into the distinctive slim frames of these serie

“With the incredible power of both TVs, Samsung offers Venezuelans a cinematic and gamer experience with a level that challenges the known limits of entertainment with two of the most innovative lines in the market. Both models, the S90C OLED 4K 77″ and Q80C QLED 4K 98″, are already available in all our CLX Samsung stores throughout the country, so we invite you to visit us to learn more about these incredible screens and enjoy unprecedented quality” expressed Nasar Ramadan Dagga, CEO of CLX Group and president of CLX Samsung (Official Partner of Venezuela).

For more than 10 years, CLX Samsung continues to offer the best technology available to Venezuelans. To find more information about these TVs visit the official CLX Latin website, And you, you are ready to be part of the greatness of two worlds!