More than 9 million invested in educational programs, according to Samsung and the report it recently delivered, which attests to its commitment to education and the advancement of technology.

Also, more than 40,000 people benefited from the “Technology with Purpose” program, where Samsung Electronics opens opportunities for professional and educational growth for the most vulnerable sector. 

According to the report prepared by the consulting firm PwC, the Technology with Purpose initiatives aimed at educational projects have benefited more than 40,000 students, 2,600 teachers and 550 schools throughout Spain during its 10-year history.

The company has worked to improve the quality of education, favoring a methodological change through the incorporation of technology as a vehicle to promote changes in learning methods in the teaching of students and teachers, thus promoting the improvement of students’ skills.

“Technology with Purpose”.

Learning through technology in public primary education centers located in rural areas and at risk of digital divide. Since 2014, 7.1 million euros have been allocated to this initiative, from which 4,000 students and 700 teachers have benefited.

The success of this project is not only based on the integration of technology in the classroom, its greatest asset lies in the training of teachers in the correct use of technology and the research studies that have accompanied the project during each of the school years, to see how the technology applied in the classroom improved the students’ skills.

Samsung in Venezuela 

Venezuela is a Latin American country that has Samsung stores nationwide, this from the hand of Nasar Ramadan Dagga, under CLX Samsung, which is the Official Partner of the South Korean brand Samsung Electronic in the country.

Likewise, in Venezuela, through CLX Samsung and the CLX Foundation, participation in social and educational issues is encouraged; where most of the beneficiaries are exalted human talent.

“Our commitment is with Venezuela and its people, we want to give them the opportunity to always be at the technological forefront of the world”. Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Samsung.

He has also promoted through the CLX Contigo program, social activities and the supply of food and drinking water for the vulnerable population of Morón, Carabobo.

He was part of the Magallanes Foundation, carrying out a series of programs in and out of the baseball season.

For the president of CLX, Venezuela has immense potential in its people, being Venezuelan is synonymous with striving for success, and he bets on our country to be among the first in quality and production, thanks to the efforts of all.

“If this year we worked hard and hard and achieved many positive things, we have to do twice as many things in 2022 to be able to succeed”; commented Dagga.

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