The smiles of the patients of the Dialysis Unit located in the Urological were multiplied thanks to the renovation of its spaces carried out by the CLX Foundation, a non-profit institution in charge of supporting those most in need and, in turn, promoting the Venezuelan talent of the hand of Nasar Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.

The center treats more than 50 patients a day, free of charge, who receive this treatment that removes harmful substances from the blood when the kidneys cannot do so on their own.

The unit was equipped with air conditioners, CLX televisions for each unit, which serves as a distraction for patients while they receive treatment that can last up to 2 hours. In addition to blankets and pillows, for your comfort. In addition to the adaptation of paint in the spaces and a series of motivating phrases embodied on the walls of the center that serve as motivation for patients and their families, thanks to donations from the aforementioned foundation.

“A great effort that the CLX Foundation has made in such a short time, in favor of patients and joining efforts in difficult times, very grateful for everything. Every word that is written on the walls is a motivating force, not only for them but also for their family”, said José Antonio Lozada, administrator of the IDU Valencia Nephrology Center.

For Jineth González, president of the CLX Foundation, this work will help more people in Carabobo who are going through this situation.

“The foundation has become an important support for many people who are currently going through difficult scenarios in our country. We are motivated by the fact of having a positive impact on people, for this reason we want to continue being that supporting hand to provide a better quality of life to Venezuelans, “added González during the delivery.

CLX Foundation, a window for everyone

In addition to leading a number of social aids, the CLX Foundation was also born with the purpose of rewarding Venezuelan talents by naming them their ambassadors, those who with their skills are a reflection of Venezuelan talent, among them José Benjamín Figueroa, Vanessa Suárez and Claudymar Garces.

A foundation committed to Venezuela that promotes the good use of social networks and encourages all those people who through them manage to cross borders, break limits and make our demonym of being Venezuelans known in an exceptional way.

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