Expanding its range of smart TVs, Xiaomi has recently launched the Smart TV X series. Based on the Mi TV 5X, the Smart TV X series is available in 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch screen variants.

Like its twin brother, the 50-inch model is powered by the Android TV 10 platform with the Xiaomi PatchWall interface built-in. It has a long list of features, including support for the most widely used High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats, MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation), Dolby Audio, and the DTS:X surround sound system.

Featured Features

The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 is a well-built unit. This device is a technology-rich proposition in the cheap LED smart TV segment. It sports a screen with 4K UHD resolution with support for the most used HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR.

MEMC is rare in budget smart LED TVs, and it is one of the differentiating features of Xiaomi Smart TV X50. This technology is very useful for watching fast-paced content like sports, but it is better for traditional content like movies, TV series, etc.

In terms of picture quality, the screen is good for an LED panel with decent contrast and brightness. The Xiaomi Smart TV X50’s LED panel is among the best available in its segment.

As for audio, it has 30W maximum power stereo speakers with Dolby Audio and DTS: X Surround technologies.

With DTS:X Surround enabled, the speakers create a nice surround sound effect suitable for an immersive audio experience.

User interface

The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 boots Android 10 TV OS with the preloaded PatchWall UI as the secondary interface. Secondary because the Android UI is the default interface of the TV. Switching to PatchWall is easy with a dedicated button for it available on Xiaomi’s tiny remote. As for the PatchWall, the user interface has come a long way and now looks polished, intuitive and easy to use. Plus, there are Google services like Assistant and Chromecast for added convenience.

Xiaomi Smart TVs in Venezuela

The smart televisions of the giant Chinese brand are also present in Venezuela. Xiaomi’s Official Partner in the country is XIO Store, the stores that officially distribute the entire range of Xiaomi devices.

XIO Store is run by Nasar Dagga, a Venezuelan businessman who has formalized his vision of economic growth for the country.

Nasar Ramadan Dagga also leads, through the CLX Group, multiple technological brands that operate in the Venezuelan territory, among which MultiMax, CLX Samsung, GAD Tecnology, Aiwa and many others stand out.

Visit CLX Group’s official YouTube channels:







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