A merry Christmas wishes you CLX Group and its CEO, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, in the happiest and most anticipated time of the year, a season of unity, peace and prosperity that comes to remember the values, as well as the traditions that are part of the day to Venezuelan day, creating the most special moments with friends and loved ones.

Taking its emotional Christmas message to every corner of the country, CLX Group shared its best wishes for this end of the year 2023 through an audiovisual that condenses the unique feeling of the December holidays in Venezuela, giving an authentic and original meaning to the arrival of the baby Jesus and New Year’s Eve.

A Christmas present

The two-minute video features the workers of the great team of CLX Group, CLX Samsung and Multimax Store, accompanied by the COO of the business group Nelson Sánchez, who recounted their favorite childhood memories on the eve of Christmas, transmitting their varied family traditions that evoke different regions of the country, but unite them as Venezuelans.

CLX Group’s Christmas message was created to convey to Venezuelans the importance of unity on these dates, as well as the value of sharing and enjoying moments with family, always remembering those who are not with us physically; but they are always present from the heart, said Nasar Dagga, president of the business group, highlighting the customs and benefits of this season of joy and prosperity.

“We highlight the value of family at Christmas because this time is the best time to connect with our loved ones and remember all those experiences that have led us to where we are. Much more than grooming and clothing, we must treasure the memories of childhood, because in the end it is these teachings that we transmit to our children through brief moments that unite entire generations of Venezuelans,” said Carabobeño businessman Nasar Ramadan Dagga.

This 2023, the Christmas spirit is in the air, filling the end-of-year holidays with optimism, happiness and hope for CLX Group workers, who predict a 2024 full of reunions and laughter, sharing a warm hug with those who matter most. , celebrating our traditions as they can only be experienced in Venezuela.

For all this and more, CLX Group wishes you… Merry Christmas to all!