The vision of growing and generating new opportunities for Venezuelans is not achieved overnight, it is a path that requires perseverance and perseverance until you can meet your objectives, Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, president of CLX Group and Multimax Store.

During an interview with the journalist and writer Ismael Cala, I shared my vision and leadership, a small window that opened in an episode of the YouTube program “D’Mente Positivo”, to which I was a special guest; where I have been proud to expose the change in mentality through emotional intelligence and personal experiences of successful people from all over the world.

, a dream that began more than 10 years ago with CLX Samsung, and which was eventually joined by Multimax Store and XIO Store to promote the Venezuelan market through its more than 50 stores throughout the national territory.

Interview with Ismael Cala

CLX Samsung, Samsung’s official partner in Venezuela, was born with the objective of minimizing the marketing chain of products to make them more accessible to consumers in the country, establishing a direct link with Samsung Latin America, in Panama, to allow the direct entry of merchandise; The next step was to try to expand the idea with other brands.

“I decided to reinvent myself and create a group of stores, which is Multimax Store, for which I received advice, since it is a format that for many was not going to catch on in Venezuela. And in the end it went well for me. I believe that the key to success is to be constant and persevering, without a doubt,” explained Nasar Ramadan Dagga about the consortium.

To undertake this ambitious project, it took almost two years of studying the Venezuelan consumer to understand how the local economy works and create a system adapted to the country, in turn inviting brands of great international significance to be part of this new business.

“We went and presented this great idea to them. Little by little, each of these great brands were incorporated into our business format. Really, this has been something that has been growing rapidly due to the same consumption needs of the Venezuelan customer, who has always been linked to the latest in technology,” stated the leader of the business group.

The key to Nasar Dagga’s success

For the president of CLX Group, Nasar Dagga Mujamad, a success like that of Multimax Store in Venezuela was possible thanks to the commitment of each of the workers who are part of this great family, adding more than 5,000 professionals who seek to improve every day. and grow, from a personal, professional and even social point of view, through the CLX Foundation.

“I believe that I owe God first and to them the exponential growth,” said the CEO of CLX Group, Nasar Dagga. “It is the commitment that we believe that Venezuela must advance with the efforts of each person, from the housewife to the doctor, from a mechanic, a worker, I believe that each of us has to stand up daily and do our part to make our country a better country every day.”

Driving change

With more than 10 years in Venezuela, CLX Group is much more than technology, committed to generating positive experiences and change in Venezuelans, promoting sports, culture, music and environmental responsibility, being a spokesperson for brands such as CLX, Samsung , Westinghouse, JVC, Condesa, LG, Kucce, Oster, Daewoo, Cyberlux, Compaq, GPlus, Black+Decker through the Multimax Store chain of stores.

“My reflection and my constant commitment are in my country. I know that many of those who left made a great sacrifice, today many of us who are here are also making a great sacrifice to create and make our country a beautiful, better place and something of which all Venezuelans can feel proud. ”said Nasar Dagga.

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