Multimax Store’s Christmas message resonated throughout Venezuela this Monday, December 4, celebrating the return of the most beautiful time of the year with the most recent production of the largest multibrand on a national scale.

Conveying his wishes for peace, harmony and happiness this Christmas for all Venezuelans. The video was premiered at 8:00 p.m. through the main national television stations and on social networks, surprising Venezuelans by highlighting those values that are part of this name, such as: union, commitment, love and tradition.

The most recent Multimax Store project was produced by the presenter José Andrés Padrón and the audiovisual team of the multibrand, who together with the CEO, Nasar Radaman Dagga Mujamad, president of the CLX Group business group, highlighted the value of rescuing traditions, culture , above all show the benefits of Venezuela and its people; when condensed into a minute-long product.

“This year our people from Venezuela are the main protagonists of our new Christmas message, demonstrating our commitment to those families who build a better country every day with their actions. Our priority will always be to do our best this Christmas, rescuing traditions together, exalting the value of what it means to be Venezuelan,” said Nasar Ramadan Dagga, president of Multimax Store.

Christmas with the Venezuelans

The spot of the largest multi-brand in the country, “Multimax is Christmas 2023” was filmed in different places in the country, among which stand out: the Canaima National Park (Angel Falls), the Simón Bolívar Monumental Stadium, the General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge , also known as the bridge over Lake Maracaibo (Zulia), the Minor Basilica Cathedral of Nuestra Señora del Valle de Nueva Esparta, the Par Vial Morón – Tucacas (Carabobo), Barinas and more.

The audiovisual featured the participation of the Venezuelan Children’s Choir, who performed the song “Our Land, our Multimax People,” a song written to highlight the native customs and traditions that make this country special, said Nasar Dagga, and mixes them with the magic of Christmas to send happiness and joy to families across the country.

Likewise, different celebrities were part of the Christmas message, among which stand out; Diana Silva, Miss Venezuela 2022, José Ramón, Karlis Romero, Andreina Castro, Fernanda Zabian, Adriana Peña, Anmarie Camacho, Endrina Yepez, María Rico, Roxanna Diaz, Isabella Rodríguez, Luis Olavarrieta, Sabrina Veris, Cinzia Francisciello and other celebrities, who echoed Multimax’s message of peace and prosperity and their wish for a 2024 full of special moments in the company of loved ones.

Multimax Store is tradition

Venezuela is synonymous with expansion for Multimax Store, which since 2019 has taken the multi-brand concept to every corner of the country, within the main cities, with 41 stores nationwide, offering a unique shopping experience for all Venezuelans.

For three years, the consortium revived one of the traditions most anticipated by Venezuelans during the Christmas season, bringing back the remembered Christmas messages that the country’s main television stations carried out to celebrate the early arrival of a new year, full of joy and happiness. prosperity.

Watch the full video

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