We will promote the educational cause led by MAX throughout Venezuela! After the arrival of CyberDog to the CLX Group family, the educational sector has shown the utmost interest in living unique and unparalleled experiences with technology.

This time, eleven new members of the CyberDog family arrive in Venezuela, which together with MAX will add new opportunities through CLX Group’s CLX Experience, in turn reaching more educational centers.

In addition, for the business group and its CEO, Nasar Dagga, it is a priority to bring this new experience to young Venezuelans. Taking into account the inclusion of robotics technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a priority in our Caribbean country.

Highlighting, in addition, that MAX the CyberDog of Xiaomi technology, has added great experiences in each of the educational spaces that has had the pleasure of bringing more than experiences, is connection with new advances in technology, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

After the scoop of the arrival of the first CyberDog in Venezuela, the CEO of CLX Group, highlighted that “For us it is a great responsibility and pride to bring the latest in technology to our country; a land with a lot of talent. At the same time we want to bet on the education of our children. They are our relay generations to represent us in the future”.

CyberDog in CLX

Totaling eleven CyberDog

Assuring that the inclusion of this new technology in the country, is part of the growth and educational evolution that provides an unparalleled experience; in view that the CyberDog of Xiaomi, bring with them elements that help these pets robots, can have a greater and better interaction with their environment; in addition, they have voice recognition functions, object detection and motion tracking.

Highlighting that all the aforementioned functions help CyberDogs interact with people in a unique and exciting way.

Also, the Carabobo businessman, Nasar Dagga, let know his position in his social networks, showing the importance and relevance of what represents the arrival of the new technology to Venezuela, and also, being the precursor of this fact, also highlighted the importance of the arrival of the eleven CyberDog to Venezuelan territory.

“With the arrival of the new CyberDogs, we will further the educational cause that MAX is leading throughout Venezuela,” said Nasar Ramadan Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.


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Artificial Intelligence Army

Since last May, the CLX Group took the initiative to invite the community to participate in its contest “Meet MAX CyberDog in your school”, highlighting that it was a burst of excitement, to have so much receptivity from the education sector, to provide this experience from children, adolescents, teachers of schools.

Considering that MAX the CyberDog of Xiaomi, since then has carried a technological learning connection, charged with great emotions, curiosity and joy from the smallest of the house.

Witnessing this experience, the schools and institutions that received MAX are U.E. Colegio Joseph Lancaster, Colegio Simón Rodríguez in Santa Rosa, Unidad Educativa Camoruco, U. E. Divino Niño, U. E. Colegio Betania, U.E. Colegio Santa Rosa, Instituto Educacional Juan XXIII, and recently Colegio Cristo Rey.

In this new CLX Experience, Venezuela can be sure that this new contact with technology will reach new educational centers, including those most iconic corners of our beloved country, highlighting that it is a pride for the business group and its CEO Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad, to be part of this new learning experience.

CyberDog in CLX

It’s still time to live this new #ExperienciaCLX.